June 5, 2009 – Special Darshan, Prasadam and Message

"The Avatar's Life is His message", is an oft-repeated quote. It is mentioned in speeches, seminars and conferences held in the Divine Presence, both physical and meta-physical (as in those conducted elsewhere than in Puttaparthi). But more than that, it is a common scene at Puttaparthi to see Swami in action, living this very ideal. These are occasions for all to observe and imbibe. June 5 happened to be one such day.

Yet another display of Divine Leela begins..

It began in the "usual" fashion. Swami arrived for darshan at about 4:30 p.m. The Primary School students had also come though it was a Friday, because the previous day, when Swami visited the Institute auditorium, they did not have the opportunity for darshan. The stage seemed to be set for Swami's lesson. He went on a complete round in the Sai Kulwant Hall. However, on this day He seemed to be in no mood to accept letters. He was telling everyone to keep their envelopes with themselves. He just went around blessing everyone with darshan. Moving to the stage, He sat listening to Veda chanting.

He called one of the students and enquired about one boy from the Brindavan campus of the University. It deems fit to mention here about a fact that is not widely known, much like most of the things that Swami does, the silent worker that He is. Some of the students who have either completed their 12th grade or their under graduation in Bio-Sciences expressed to Swami their desire to study medicine and serve in His hospitals. Bhagavan encouraged them and paid their medical course fees and even got them admitted into esteemed colleges! This "student enquiry" was in this regard.

The conversation between the student and Swami went on, even as two more boys also joined in.

Student: Swami, the discourse yesterday was so nice. Thank you.

Swami: Did all the boys like it?

Student: Yes Swami. It is all your Grace. And you blessed our hostel too. All of us are so grateful.

Swami patted the folded palms of the students and granting them namaskar, told them to sit in their places and then moved into the interview room.

Bhagavan, the Silent Witness
Loving interactions...

The bhajans began at 5:00 p.m. During the bhajans, Swami arrived on stage again. On this day, the bhajans had a new accompaniment - the gush of the pouring rains on the roof! The downpour was so sudden and loud that it seemed to drown the bhajans in volume! Soon, mangoes and sweets - the prasadam for the day - were brought for blessings and Swami blessed them to be distributed. The distribution began and everything was going on as usual when Swami noticed devotees standing in the rain beyond the main gate of the hall where the statues of Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Mother Sita have been installed.

The Sweet Lord consecrating the sweets
Swami blesses the mango prasadam

He told the students by His side that those devotees must be brought in and given prasadam. "They will catch a cold in the rain", He said. As per His command, the gates were opened and the devotees were let in. Swami, however, was not happy, it seemed. He said that there were still devotees getting wet and not all had received prasadam. Then began a flurry of journeys to the gate by various staff and students and all came back with answers with varying degree of convictions confirming that all devotees were in the shelter of the hall and all had received prasadam. Swami was insistent and persistent that all had not received mangoes.

Then Swami said, "There are ladies who did not receive mangoes." This was a revelation. When investigated, it was found that indeed there were a group of ladies just outside the hall in the shelter of a neem tree who had not received prasadam. It was only after the ladies were brought in and seated, and given mangoes, that Swami seemed a little satisfied. "See, now they are getting the women. And you said that all had received!" He then made a brief trip to the interview room and returned, again persisted, "All have not received!"

"There are ladies who did not receive mangoes" - Swami

What followed next was an eye opener for all. A brief history has to be mentioned here. Like the gopikas of the Dwapara age, there are a couple of ladies staying at Puttaparthi who have Swami alone as their everything. Everyday, without fail, from early morning till late evening, they stand watching Swami's residence and Swami whenever He is visible. They run behind His car wherever He goes and that too the entire distance almost, putting to shame many of the athletic men! They keep chanting His name and it is so obvious that His form pervades all their thoughts and their being. In fact, on one occasion, Swami had stopped His car, lowered the windows and gifted them sarees as tokens of His love and Grace. And on this day, it seemed as if one of them seated there, had not received prasadam. As the Aarthi was complete, Swami said, "I will go there!"

The rains had abated, but He still continues
to pour His Love
For the longing devotees, what a shower of unexpected grace!

Thus it was that for the sake of one devotee, the Lord moved all the way to the main entrance. He personally ensured that all, including the 'gopikas', had received prasadam. The rains had abated by now but He was continuing to pour His Love. Hundreds of devotees thronged the gates with shouts of "Sathya Sai Baba Ki Jai." Swami advised everyone there from the distribution boys to the security people on how the devotees must be properly served. Pointing towards the people, He told a student, "See, they are not satisfied." The student replied, "Swami we gave all of them mangoes." Swami immediately retorted, "You and your mangoes! They have come for Swami, not mangoes. They want more of Him." An eye opener again! When we are physically close to the Lord, let us always remember the millions who would do anything to get that proximity at that time.

All souls were drenched in Divine ecstasy!

Swami then moved back towards the hall. He took a detour and instead of using the car, returned to His residence in the chair itself.

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