May 6, 2010 – Easwaramma Day Celebrations in Prasanthi Nilayam

When an Avatar descends in a human frame, it is very unique. The Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha and even Vamana were not born to anyone. They just appeared and having completed the task at hand, returned into the nothingness they came from though they continue to live in the hearts of people. But with Rama, Krishna and the like, it’s a different story.

They were "born" and "grew up" like any of us. And so were built a plethora of relationships, a study of which will reveal to us the ideal way of life. It is the case with Swami too and May 6 highlights one such relationship of His earthly sojourn - with His physical mother.

Just the previous day, Swami had installed the idols of His parents in the Samadhi. And on that day, as announced, He was to visit the Samadhi once more. People who have been fortunate to witness or read in depth about the beautiful relationship between Swami and Easwaramma say that it was difficult to make out who was mothering whom!

As announced, Swami reached the Samadhi premises at 10 a.m. An elaborate procession of the naadaswaram, bhajans and Vedam lead His car through the crowded street. Getting down from the car, Swami moved into the Samadhi building. He pulled the legs and patted the cheeks of a kid seated right near the doorway and then moved to the eastern side of the Samadhi. He blessed garlands to be placed on the tomb and also to deck the newly installed idols.

A saree and a dhoti were also placed along with the ceremonial coconut breaking. Swami moved through the Samadhi building and then looking at the priest told him to go ahead with all the rituals of naivedyam (offering of food to the souls). Swami now moved to the area directly behind the marble idols and it was the best possible way to take a "family" picture of Swami with His parents! All the members of His "physical" family made good of the opportunity to be close to Him and seek blessings. Swami took chocolates and distributed them to all the kids around.

As He was leaving, He called for two students from the University to sing out the glories of the chosen mother. As the notes of the song, "Enthagoppa Inthivamma Sadhviro Easwaramma…” filled the air, Swami seemed to get laden with emotion from nostalgia. This was followed by another song. He then blessed ladoos to be distributed to all assembled there as prasadam and by 10:30 a.m. was back in the Sai Kulwant Hall.

At the northern main gate of the hall were dozens of Sevadal volunteers behind huge vessels filled with Sweet pongal and tamarind rice. Swami blessed a few vessels and then moved to the stage. Swami sat listening to the bhajans that were on and soon asked for the prasadam distribution to begin. The food was served into leaves and placed before all the singers and students first as the distribution for the devotees also began simultaneously.

Swami teased one or two boys in the front saying that they were somehow singing bhajans making great efforts to control their salivating mouths! Everyone who understood smiled. Soon, Swami received aarthi and moved towards Yajur Mandir.

In the evening, there was a drama scheduled by the Bangalore Bal Vikas children. Swami completed the darshan round soon during which He spoke to a few members of the cast. Then He moved into the Bhajan Hall. There He interacted with the group of teachers and organizers representing various Sai educational institutions who had come for the workshop "Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini".

This is a nascent project on higher secondary education under the auspices of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations which Swami blessed to commence. By 5:30 p.m. Swami came out and asked for the drama to begin.

It was a brief life story of Bhadrachala Ramadas. It was introduced by one of the Bal Vikas girls live over the PA system. The initial offerings to Swami were made by a few members of the cast and soon the drama began.

The emphasis of the drama was mainly on the episode where Ramadas spends the money collected as taxes to build a temple for Rama. Like it happens whenever a noble deed is done, most of the people are happy but some get very jealous. They level charges of corruption against Ramadas to the Tanesha.

Ramadas is subject to many trials and tribulations before Lord Rama Himself arrives to pay off the debt of His devotee. The drama brought out one message - "However good your intentions may be the world sees only how it is presented. In the same vein, however well your presentation may be, God sees only your intentions!"

As the drama concluded and the children came together in the final formation, Swami blessed them and said that they had acted very well. He blessed special chocolates to be given to the participants and pictures of Mother Eashwaramma to be distributed to all.

He then gifted sarees and white cloth pieces to all the participants. When a request for group pictures was made, Swami permitted the children to move up the stage in small groups and pose for photos with them. Once again telling the state president of Karnataka that the play was very good, Swami blessed everyone and then retired for the day.

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