May 9, 2010 – Special Talks in the Divine Presence

Sunday is crowded relative to other days in Puttaparthi and understandably so as devotees from nearby Bengaluru and not so nearby Chennai, along with the many towns and villages around flock to have His darshan. All those who had arrived were in for a beautiful day of Divine darshan on May 9. It all began when as bhajans were on in the morning, signs that Swami is coming for darshan were seen. What are these signs? The security people and others in front of the Residence stand to attention and as the doors of our Bhooloka Vaikuntha (Heaven on earth) open, their palms are folded in reverence.

Soon, Swami arrived for darshan and moved for a complete round. He came on stage and sat for the bhajans that were on. He sat for quite a while and as the early afternoon set in He looked up at the skylight roof in the centre. Then He gazed at the students sitting below.

He said, "It’s so hot. Poor things, all of you must be getting roasted!" The response He got was smiles from everyone. He wanted the skylight opened so that the greenhouse effect in the Sai Kulwant Hall could be minimised. The morning bhajans concluded with aarthi and Swami moved to the Residence.

Swami arrived to the chants of the Vedas in the evening at 4:45 p.m. and after taking a full round of the Sai Kulwant Hall arrived on the stage. He sat for a few minutes as the chants went on and at about 5:05 p.m., He asked for the speakers' podium and mike to be brought. Then He called for Mr. Ajit Popat and told him to address the gathering.

Offering Shradhanjali to revered Divine Mother Easwaramma, and continuing with the spirit of this celebration, the erudite speaker spoke on the "Chosen Mother" quoting some of the revealing experiences he has had with Bhagavan relating to Mother Easwaramma. It was interesting to note that on a day when the world is celebrating International Mother's Day, someone was paying glowing tribute to the most privileged Mother on planet earth, Mother Easwaramma, verily in the Divine Presence of The One's Presence. 

Even as he spoke, Swami called for Mr. B. N. Narasimhamoorthy, Warden, Brindavan Campus of Sri Sathya Sai University. He told him, "You speak next" and he nodded in agreement. As soon as the first speech concluded after 40 minutes, the Mr. Moorthy took to the podium. Almost his entire speech was about the first darshan he had as a youngster of 18. It was a beautiful and nostalgic description and everyone was transported to a time, decades before! Just the details of all that Swami did in those times were enough to touch the heart and delight the being of everyone. The Avatar's life has different phases and each phase has its own beauty and specialty. 

In one perspective, Swami's life seems to symbolize the four stages of prayer. In the beginning, the devotee prays and the Lord listens. That certainly seemed the case when little Sathya threw away His books proclaiming, "My devotees are calling Me." Then, God speaks and the devotees listen.

The Lord began discoursing and spoke the language of Love - love that transforms, love that works miracles. The next stage is when both the Lord and devotee speak to each other. The University and branches of the Organization started and with it began a dialogue between man and God. And currently, the final stage seems to have reached when neither speak but both listen! 

Coming back to the speech, as the warden concluded, there was a loud and happy applause. Swami also was very happy with his effort. Swami then seemed to say that His voice was not fine and so He could not speak! He asked for the aarthi to begin and as it went on, Swami blessed prasadam to be distributed to all. It was 6:30 p.m. when Swami returned to His residenc

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