August 10, 2009 – Drama by Gujarat Sai Youth

Swami always stresses, "Love My uncertainty”. We always take that statement with a pinch of salt though He did not intend it that way! When His uncertainty brings unexpected gifts, we rejoice. But when that same nature seems to take away something from us, we do not like it! Maybe it is time to evolve to "accepting" His uncertainty and then to "loving" it, always that is!

It turned out to be a different kind of session in the Mandir on August 10 - a session like which has happened very rarely before. It began at around 2:00 p.m. when the youth from Gujarat were told to be prepared with their programme in case Swami permits it at the "last" minute. Again, with the Lord, there is nothing like the "last" minute. It is always at the "right" minute irrespective of the position of that minute in time!

At about 5:40 p.m., when bhajans were in full swing, came the message that the Gujarat youth must be ready to put up their presentation. Quickly, the marble blocks were evacuated and a backdrop was brought into position.

Soon, Swami arrived for darshan. Of late, the darshan timings had been moving more and more towards late evening rather than the afternoon. Swami completed the darshan rounds and moved to the portico where the lecturers and teachers from the department of Chemistry of the Sathya Sai University were seated to seek His blessings for a conference that was to commence the next day. Swami blessed them and soon arrived on the stage.

He sat listening to the bhajans which went on, one after another and Swami too seemed happy listening to them. After a while, He began to search for the priest who always sat with the aarthi plate. Mistaking that as a signal, the State President for Gujarat came ahead and requested Swami for permission to start their programme. In fact, the youth on the ladies side began to sing too.

Swami however asked for aarthi to begin! And so it was that the songs were ended even before they began! Aarthi was done and Swami blessed laddoo prasadam to be distributed to all. He even threw a laddoo to one of the students in the front. There was a strange glow on Swami's face. He was so happy.

All of a sudden, He called a little boy who had come with a tray of goodies on the occasion of his birthday. As the boy moved up the stage, Swami spoke to him. Then, patting him on his cheeks, Bhagavan materialized a gold chain. Swami was so very happy and joyous as He put the chain around the neck of the little boy. The boy bent down, kissed His feet and returned to his place with all joy. Now that was a piece of "uncertainty" that all enjoyed.

Swami then sat watching all those assembled as the prasadam distribution went on. All the members from Gujarat had mixed feelings, it seemed. Swami was so happy and it was such a joy to see Him. But the programme had been cancelled! Swami watched the faces all around. Calling the State president He said, "Start your drama." Immediately a row of youth made a beeline to make offerings.

It was already past 6:30 p.m. and thankfully it was realized that it was unfair to keep Swami waiting by delaying the drama any further.


The presentation entitled, "Sai Apadbandavay Namah" began immediately. The skit was based on the actual experiences of Sai Missionaries, the Youth who were engaged in Sri Sathya Sai Village Integration Programme, popularly known as SSSVIP at a village, Paikhed, 65 kms from Valsad.

An emergency situation arises in Paikhed when an epidemic strikes amidst heavy rains. Despite all that, the youth organise relief. Other instances shown were when a youth member risks his life to save the life of a village child and the tale when more than 2500 bricks were found in perfectly good condition when a need for them arises to complete a construction in the same village.

15 minutes into the drama, Swami said, "Drama over." He gave a gentle smile and slowly moved towards the car.

He then retired to Yajur Mandir and the time was past 7 p.m. The foolish wept that Swami left midway but the wise celebrated yet another instance of god's infinite Love where He condescended to watch at least a part of a programme which maybe never existed! Mysterious and uncertain indeed are the ways of God, but His ways and methods are always Perfect.

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