July 11, 2010 – “All Are Relations” – A Presentation on Native American Values by Children from USA

Sai Kulwant Hall had an entirely different look and feel on the evening of July 11. Swami had permitted a programme by the native American Indians on their ancient traditions and customs. And so, the central marbled blocks had been filled with children in various animal and bird costumes. A backdrop of the huts and totem poles of the native Americans was also erected.

Swami arrived for darshan shortly before 5:30 p.m. He came gliding through the ladies’ side and His eyes seem to light up as He saw the children. He spoke to one of the ladies from the US group about the evening’s programme and everyone around were so thrilled with the opportunity of Divine proximity. He keenly observed the ‘eagles’, ‘bears’, ‘buffaloes’ and ‘deer’ seated and asked a few of the children as to where they had come from. Completing the round on the gents’ side, Swami moved towards the Primary school children.

He stopped at the ladies’ from the group and spoke a few words - the content of which we are not aware but it aroused laughter among all of them. He spoke to an elderly lady on the chair and then turned towards the Primary school kids. As always, the volume of chanting of the Primary school children went up many decibels as Swami approached them.

This seems to display the “doppler effect” of Veda chanting! Sure enough, the chanting on the PA system was almost rendered mute with the thunderous chanting of the tiny tots. Swami seemed amused at first and later, He positioned Himself in front of these children and began to hear them chant. Needing no further encouragement, the kids raised the volume to even higher levels. Swami spent almost 5-10 minutes in front of the children before moving to the stage.

Even as He arrived on the dais, He asked for the Veda chanting to stop and the programme to begin. A huge card that contained the presentation for the evening was brought to Him and Swami smiled so beautifully and lovingly at them. It was a sight past compare! And it showed the magic of Swami’s smile.

Even as He smiled, torrents of joy seemed to flow through the hearts of all the assembled devotees who were lucky enough to witness it. Going through the card, Swami blessed them to begin. There was an offering to be made from the ladies’ side too and once again Swami conferred on them blessings and smiles.

At 6:00 p.m., the programme started off with a song in the Traditional American Indian fashion. The singer moved front and in his powerful baritone voice filled the hall with a word and tune that seemed to touch some niche in one’s heart. Swami smiled as He heard through the singing. The main part of the programme then began and it was a presentation entitled, “All our Relations”.

It presented the ancient red-Indian wisdom that all we see around is related to us in some way or the other. It found resonance in Swami’s teaching that, “The individual is a part of society; Society a part of nature and finally Nature a part of God!” The teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel were presented with the four directions being assigned an animal viz. the eagle for the east, deer for the south, bear for the west and the buffalo for the north.

The lessons to be derived from each of these animals were presented melodiously in song and dance form. There was complete participation as the music and singing were provided by the children’s group singing live too! Swami was all smiles throughout the programme. Whenever there were visual breaks in between, He would pore over the various letters that He had accepted during the darshan rounds.

In the middle, Swami went into the interview room for about five minutes. The programme concluded with a dance for unity and everyone joined in. At the end of the colourful 45 minutes, the children made a fervent appeal to Swami expressing hope that Swami would visit their country to see 'in person' the rare culture of the United States of America.

As the final formation was made, Swami gave a look of appreciation towards the photographer seated there and told Him to take photos. He then said that He would move down to be with the children. Swami then posed with the children for a group photograph. All the members of the performing group also came close to Swami and it formed a large wonderfully colourful group.

As the photos were taken and Swami returned to the stage, the children came together. With a gentle smile, Swami commented that it was not right that the boys and girls sit together. Soon, as per the Divine directions and discipline demanded, the children were seated as separate groups. Swami had already received aarthi and blessed prasadam for distribution. But He told the students to start bhajans.

And so, the bhajans began. As this went on, one of the photographers gave Swami a copy of the group photo that had been taken. Swami saw it for a few moments and then slowly turned it and displayed it for all to see. The children and adults alike became childlike in their joyous clapping and rejoicing. Swami called one of the kids and gave him the picture. Soon, He asked for the aarthi and it was done for the second time in the evening.

As Swami was returning to His Residence, He accepted a rose from an elderly native American, George Walking Bear Gillette - a healer from the tribes. (In an interview at the Radiosai studios, Mr. Gillette, in his ripe eighties, revealed that he had seen Swami on innumerable occasions during his practise of hypnotic healing. “All the healings have been done by Him alone and I take no credit,” he admitted and said that finally after 35 years, he was seeing Swami at Puttaparthi for the first time). The time was 7:15 p.m. when Swami retired.

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