December 11, 2010 - “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge” Dance by Medak District

The devotees who had gathered in the Sai Kulwant Hall on December 11 were there after a day of starvation and thirst! That is how a day is when Swami does not come for darshan. December 10 was a day of fasting in that sense but like all other days of fasting, it makes one appreciate the value of “food and drink” more! That day, everyone seemed to have a prayer for His arrival and more so the devotees from Medak who had come prepared with a dance programme entitled “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge”.

Swami had everyone’s heart leaping in joy as He arrived for darshan at 6:15 p.m. He took a complete darshan round and all the devotees from Medak who had been specially seated, seemed to cheer at their first darshan of Swami. Bhagavan also interacted with the 2003 passout batch of students who had a card seeking His permission to congregate as a batch in His divine presence. Then, moving across the students’ blocks, Swami arrived on the stage. For about ten minutes, He went through the day’s collection of letters and then asked for the bhajans to stop. He asked for the programme to begin.

As is the case during these dramas, a long line of people made a beeline to the stage. Offerings of flowers and albums containing photos of the service activities done were made. A cake was brought and Swami cut it. About 10 children too offered roses and Swami blessed each of them. He asked once again for the programme to begin.

The programme began with a dance depicting the Lord of Kailash and His Divine family, marking the beginning of the story of Sai Avatars. A dance depicting the Lord of Shirdi preceded the big story of the Advent of Lord Sathya Sai. The evolution of little Sathya into the contemporary Avatar, His Divine Mission, His vows and the way He fulfilled them  were illustrated by children in a mix of coloured costumes coming to the fore, taking their turns to dance to the story-line. The songs were all melodious and were beautiful in their meaning. The smallest of the children was hardly 2 feet and everyone performed very well. The children then came forward in a final formation.

Swami asked to be taken down. He posed with them for group photographs before moving up the stage and into the interview room. As soon as He came out, He received aarthi.  After this He presented the group photograph to one of the children who had participated in the dance. Then He blessed sarees and white cloth pieces to be distributed to all. Swami retired to the Residence at 8:40 p.m.

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