June 13, 2010 – Lovely Darshan and Bhajans

The monsoon clouds seemed to smile on Puttaparthi in every sense in the second week of June. The skies opened up regularly and the sizzling temperatures fell to pleasant enjoyable levels. There was a smell of freshness in the air and everything around was so clean and green. The Lord too was showering love and grace in plenty. The School and University began functioning and there are many new students. The Sai Kulwant Hall seems to have found new life with the return of students in hundreds.

Every year, there are new saplings in Sai's garden. Some of them have been transplanted from other fields as they join in the XI class, Undergraduate or post graduate programs. The rest are just beginning their journey of growth and blessed indeed are they for the Divine Gardener has taken them up in His charge. The tiny tots from the Primary school had assembled in the hall for their first darshan.

Also present were the children from the newly formed Easwaramma English medium School. Yes! The Easwaramma school is in the process of changing the medium of instruction from Telugu to English and the Telugu portion will be phased out in a year or two. Whatever be the case, the actual medium of instruction there, as in every other Sai school, is Discipline! The students from the Higher Secondary School and the University were all present. Being a Sunday, devotees too had gathered in large numbers.

As the clock showed 6:35 p.m., there was activity at the Yajur Mandir. Swami arrived for darshan and naturally the volume and enthusiasm for the bhajan singing went up. Swami took a complete darshan round granting joy and generating excitement among the gathered masses. As He passed via the students, He blessed the birthday boys and took letters.

The first year students from the Brindavan campus at Bengaluru (previously Bangalore) had also come and so they too were blessed by Swami. Moving to the Primary school section, Swami was welcomed with a beautiful and intricate card resembling the Ganesha temple at the premises' entrance. Swami blessed the children and then began to speak to one little boy. Moments later, His right hand moved in circles and a beautiful chain manifested which soon was decorating the neck of that little boy.

The students from the Class I were seated in a separate section, dressed in their light and navy blue uniform. Interacting with them, Swami moved further along and re-entered the ladies' side. There the new comers into the Ananthapur Women's campus were seated. Swami moved along their lines blessing them. Just before He did that, He also blessed some of the children from the Easwaramma English medium school.

By 7 p.m., Swami was back to where He had started darshan at the western gate of Sai Kulwant Hall! The ladies' were blessed with a bonus darshan and Swami, this time, moved along the lines of the girls from the Primary school. The whole scene was so beautiful! It was nothing less than the Divine gardener taking care of all the plants - saplings and trees!

But it is the newly sprouted blossoms that need maximum attention! Swami took a detour after the ladies' side to move towards the 1st standard kids again. The bhajans were on and Swami sat right in front of these kids. They let loose their innocent yet disciplined selves as they rose on their knees and began to sing full in full throat!

Swami on His part continued to sit in front of them and kept looking at all of them. He was so happy with His fresh 'crop'! The 'buds' seemed so willing to blossom into fragrant flowers and sweet fruits! Swami sat thus for one complete bhajan and surcharging them thus with Love and devotion, returned to the dais. At 7:15 p.m., Swami asked for aarthi.

After the aarthi, Swami spoke to the students who had given Him the rose and had done aarthi. Then, calling the priest, He asked whether it was Vijayadasami. The priest told Swami an answer that satisfied Him. Then he made bold the move to pick up the holy akshatha grains that were on the divine lap. Swami had an amused look as He waited for the priest to collect all the grains. Then, smiling at everyone, Swami moved back to His residence.

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