August 13, 2010 – Musical Offering by Bal Vikas Children from Middle-East

Continuing with their pilgrimage, the devotees from region 94 consisting residents from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had a music programme scheduled on August 13. It was a programme by the Bal Vikas children from these countries and it was entitled, “Prema Tarangini”. Sai Kulwant Hall had a beautiful look and the stage had been decorated with designs of chalk powder and flowers. On top hung the star in the crescent moon, the symbol of reverence for the Muslims the world over.

At about 5:45 p.m., Swami arrived for darshan as the Veda Chanting restarted. All these devotees were in green scarves and the ladies had decked their hair with jasmine flowers in a uniform manner. Swami spoke to a couple of ladies as He moved through their side, most probably enquiring about the programme they were going to put up. He moved through the gents’ side and arrived at the Birthday boys. As He was passing through them, He materialized vibhuti for one of the boys. Placing it in his palms, Swami Himself placed a dot on his forehead with His thumb! As He completed the round, Swami moved through the portico and arrived on the stage.

The coordinators for region 94 got up and showed Swami a card that was shaped as a pearl oyster. Swami had a complete look at the card and blessed them to have their programme. A girl and a lady now came up the stage and offered Swami roses and a card. Swami had a look at the card and then waving His hand, materialized vibhuti for the girl. Naturally she was so happy and packing the precious ash in a paper, she moved down the stage to her place.

Swami nodded and the programme began. It was introduced by one of the children and the first song, the Sadguru Sainathashtakam stotram began. It was sheer delight to listen to the united voice of these children which resonated with love and innocence.

There were five more songs and all of them were ones familiar to everyone. Each song was preceded by a short introduction on the meaning and feelings conveyed by the rendering. Since all the songs were popular ones, many people in the audience and most of the students too hummed along as the songs went on.

During the programme, Swami seemed particularly impressed by one little boy who was singing aloud and clapping as well. Swami even pointed out to the coordinator saying, “That boy is singing well.” The 25 minutes programme concluded after which Swami asked for bhajans to be sung. As the bhajans went on, Swami called that little boy who had impressed Him!

He spoke to him and materialized vibhuti and gifted it to him. The boy took the vibhuti, took padanamaskar and then quickly returned to his place. Swami smiled and called him again. This time, He created a gold chain for him and put it around his neck. The boy thanked Swami and taking a second padanamaskar, went to his place. His demeanor showed that either he was a supreme sthithaprajna (unaffected by joys or sorrows) or was blissfully unaware of the great blessings that were being conferred on him! Soon, Swami called the boy for the third time to the stage to gift him the photograph of him receiving the chain. After this, Swami blessed prasadam for distribution.

The little boy’s good fortune continued as Swami asked Him, “Did you get prasadam?” It was clear that the boy did not understand what Swami said, for though he had the prasadam in hand, he replied something that was akin to “No”! Swami asked for prasadam to be given to him immediately and so the boy got a second packet too! It was 7:10 p.m. when Swami asked for aarthi and on completion of the same, retired to His residence.

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