February 14, 2010 – Music Presentation by the Anantapur Campus

The 14th of February all around the world is celebrated as Valentine's Day with or without much ado! In its original untainted form, the day is a celebration of true pure Love. And anyone with a little (or loads of) experience in the world will know for sure that true pure love or Divine love is possible only when one is immersed in the Divine.

As far as Puttaparthi is concerned, it was the dawn of yet another day, for everyday is a celebration of pure love in this holy hamlet. The Shivarathri ceremonies and celebrations having concluded, separation pangs filled the air as it was time for the students from Brindavan and Anantapur campus to return to their respective campuses.

During the Sports and Cultural Meet 2010, the students from the Anantapur campus had not got the opportunity to present their "Cultural" part of the Meet. In line with His delays not being His denials, Swami lovingly permitted them to present that planned programme on that day and the girls were simply overjoyed.

They sat in the marbled blocks awaiting His arrival. The Veda chanting stopped at 5 p.m. and resumed at 5:15 p.m. with Swami's arrival. Swami took a complete round and even as He passed by the Anantapur block, He asked for the letters the girls were holding.

He asked them what their programme was about. Finding out that they wanted to sing songs, He told them to begin the moment He reached on the stage. As always, a host of initial offerings preceded the programme. This included the release of a CD.

The programme consisted of a good variety of songs from light to classical. Starting with a prayer invoking Lord Ganesha, they went on to songs of Shiva and the Mother. Interspersed were two excellent renditions on the violins. The two girls who played those pieces seemed totally lost in the tune. There was a solo piece on the keyboard too.


They poured forth their love and devotion to their dearest Swami. As the songs went on, Swami called the Brindavan students who were holding up a card. They pleaded with Him to visit Brindavan soon. Swami saw their card and blessed them.

Curiosity now seemed to overcome Swami as He called another boy. He was holding a message that read, "Swami Plz Come To Brindavan." Swami asked him what "Plz" meant! He answered, "Swami, please." Swami seemed stunned at the new spellings (thanks to the sms and email age!) He blessed that student and sent him back.

The 40 minute programme was sung and performed by about 30 girls and as it came to the last song, Swami asked, "How many more? Three?" The warden was a little confused and said, "Four more" when immediately the singers corrected her, "Swami one more." Swami nodded and the whole campus sang out their Sports Meet gratitude song.

Swami asked the students by His side to get sarees and personally chose which saree He wanted to present them. Then He moved down. Sitting in front of the singers, Swami personally gifted a saree to each and every member of the music group. After the distribution was complete, Swami posed with all of them for a group picture. Then, He moved up the stage.

The bhajans by the Anantapur girls were on and soon Swami received Aarthi. As He was leaving, the photographer got the group photo that had been taken minutes back. Swami seemed so keen to almost study the photo. Then He turned around and called out for the Principal and Warden of the Anantapur campus and gave the photo to them A joyous applause rented the air as all the girls celebrated this additional shower of grace.

On His way to Yajur Mandir, Swami blessed two distinguished doctors, Dr. Roger Freedman and Dr. Ted Zaharias from Utah, USA who were in Puttaparthi for His darshan for a day before leaving to Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield, Bangalore, the next day to perform a series of cardiac surgeries.

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