July 16, 2009 – A Downpour of Gifts from the Divine

The dawn of another Thursday - Guruvaram, as it is called in the Indian calendar - at Puttaparthi saw the students becoming beneficiaries of the Lord's bounty yet again. The first hour at the college on a Thursday is called 'Moral Class' and it is a period when various subjects related to the nourishment of the soul are dealt with. And the Thursday on July 16 was indeed solely soulful, for Swami had asked for all the students to assemble in the Mandir in the morning.

Bhajans began at 9:00 a.m. and it was at about 9:30 that Swami arrived for darshan. The hall was packed to capacity and Swami finished a complete round before moving into the Bhajan Hall. Just like a loving parent, Swami had decided to gift His children with clothes on that Thursday.

In the Bhajan Hall, Swami segregated the various bundles of Safari cloth pieces and gave elaborate instructions as to which ones had to be given to school boys, which to the post graduates and which for the teachers and professors. He asked for the students who were awaiting His command to begin the distribution. Once He was satisfied that the directions were clear, He moved out of the Bhajan Hall to the dais where He sat for the bhajans.

Even as the distribution went on, nothing escaped His keen eye. He pointed out to some teachers who had not yet received the cloth pieces or had received the wrong ones and ensured that everything was set right! He later blessed the students working in various Institutions at Puttaparthi also to be recipients of the clothes. Swami sat outside seeing the progress of the distribution. After it was complete, He asked for something else too to be brought. To the surprised joy of all the students, Swami also gifted all with 2gb capacity pen drives! Then, He received aarthi and retired for the morning.

The evening too turned out to be one of distribution. Swami took a detour after the ladies side and moved straight into the Bhajan Hall where ladies from Swami's 'physical' family had assembled. It is indeed the good fortune of merits over previous births that one gets a chance to be in the same family as the Avatar and be physically related to the Avatar. One must pray to Him that such an opportunity is bestowed, and once it is gifted to realize the great significance and make best use of the opportunity.

Swami arrived into the Bhajan Hall and asked for the sarees that He had set aside after careful selection. They were brought to Him and Swami began to distribute the sarees one by one to all who had gathered. He spoke to many of them and cleared doubts of a few of them. Blessing all of them, Swami ensured that all had received His gifts of Love. Then, Swami also blessed two elderly lecturers seated in the Bhajan Hall with sarees! He gifted another saree to the headmistress of the Primary school.

Also was present another teacher from the Boys’ Section of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School about whose parents Swami had been of late enquiring a lot. He told Him that they had arrived to Puttaparthi and were seated outside. If Swami wishes, he would call them to Him. Swami graciously agreed and the family of the teacher was soon in the Bhajan Hall. Swami blessed the ladies with sarees and the family with a group photograph. He then moved outside for bhajans. Towards the end, He called one of the teachers from the Music College and after talking to him for a while, materialized a gold bracelet for him. The young man was thrilled and with this, Swami received aarthi and retired for the day.

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