July 23, 2010 – Music Programme by Latin American Devotees

The first fortnight of July saw programmes in Prasanthi Nilayam almost every day. Those were the times when there used to be 15 or so programmes during a ‘spiritual’ year at Prashanti. (We term that as the Prashanti analogue of the ‘academic’ year!) But after June 2010, there have been more than that number in just a month! Everyone wants to celebrate everything in the Divine Presence and Swami always says, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” The devotees from 12 countries of Latin America had been blessed on July 23 to perform in the Divine presence.

Swami arrived for darshan shortly after 5:45 p.m. He passed through the ladies side and came to the Central marbled area. That day also happened to be the 15th anniversary of the inauguration of the school boys’ hostel which Swami had performed with His divine hands. So these children too were seated with a card. And their card, interestingly, was a model of the entire hostel building! Swami had a look at it and then interacted with the students there. Moving on, He entered the gents’ side.

That is when He seemed to notice all the devotees from Latin America and a smile spread across His face. Completing the darshan round, He moved in the front and there too were many students seated for blessings. Satisfying all of them, Swami accepted bundles of letters from the Latin American devotees before proceeding towards the stage.

He moved via the portico and coming to the teacher’s area, He spoke to two of them and materialized vibhuti for them. He placed a dot on their foreheads Himself before pouring the remainder of the ash into their palms. They were both overjoyed and overwhelmed. Swami spoke to the co-ordinators before sitting at His place on the stage. The Veda chanting was on and Swami called one of the members from the first row and asked him,

“How many songs?”

“One-one, eleven Swami.”

“11 songs! Okay” Swami smiled at him and sent him back to his place. Looking at the Veda group, Swami asked them to stop chanting and asked for the programme to begin.

The co-ordinators came ahead and offered roses to Swami and He asked one of them to announce the programme in the mike, and this was done.

“Say the names of the participating countries”, was Swami’s command. And thus it was that the names, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia, Ecuador, Haiti, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuala, Chile and Guadeloupe were announced. The programme then began with 3 Aumkarams.

The first item was the chanting of Vedic hymns! And these people, though of a completely different tongue, did it so correctly! It has been said from long that the Vedas are Universal and meant for all. Never before in history have they become so Universal in a practical level. And Swami has achieved that simply through His magnetism and Love. People love Him with all their heart and want to do anything that pleases Him - even if it means mastering the chants of a language that is ‘Sanskrit and Arabic’ for these Latin American people! Listening to the chanting in itself was such a sublime experience. Soon the singing began. A huge banner hung over the choristers proclaiming, “Swami, Latin America loves you!” The singing that followed proclaimed that to everyone who might not have seen the banner too!

An array of songs in the different tongues followed. Swami, meanwhile, noticing the co-ordinator singing by His side asked, “Do you sing in the mike? Then everyone in the hall can hear.” When he nodded, Swami made him go down the stage and sit with the other singers. A mike was placed before him and he too joined in the lead singing. There was a violinist who played very soulful lead pieces and he was ably accompanied by a guitarist.

There were tablas and tambourines too and they were played with finesse. The songs were obviously “Greek and Latin” for the students who were seated around Swami and with a gentle smile, Swami looked at them as if saying, “You do not understand anything, right?” Everyone smiled and the singing continued. For most of the time, Swami sat leafing through the hundreds of letters that He had collected. After a while Swami asked, “Is it over?”

“Four more songs, Swami!”

Swami nodded and asked them to continue. The songs went on and it was almost 7:20 p.m. when they concluded.

Swami blessed the prasadam of dry fruits to be distributed to all. As the distribution was on, He enquired from the ladies participants as to whether the prasadam sufficed for all. There was a shortage! Swami pointed this out and they were immediately serviced with more prasadam packets. Swami then received aarthi and it was 7:30 p.m. when He blessed everyone and retired to Yajur Mandir.

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