February 25, 2010 – Drama by Sai Youth from Australia

The youth from Down Under had been blessed to present a programme before Swami on February 25. The mini backdrop was in place and the youth in yellow - the men in yellow scarves and the women in yellow sarees - sat prepared with their musical. It was just past 7:00 p.m. when Swami arrived for darshan.

The night seemed to light up in every sense. All the additional chandeliers in the hall came on and the faces of everyone seemed to emanate a strange glow. When the wait for Swami increases, the pining too seems to increase. As a result, the joy of seeing Him is also multiplied manifold and people vent it through applause and excited murmuring sounds interspersed with loud "Sairams"! Swami moved through the ladies' side, blessing some who had been recently wed and some others who held out their darling babies.

Moving across the "yellow sea" formed by the Australian youth, Swami entered the gents' side. Moving through the portico, Swami arrived on to the stage. It was 7:20 p.m. when He told the Veda chanting to cease and asked for the programme to begin.

Cards and floral offerings were made and even as Swami blessed them, the Aum karam started. Then, a few members knelt and offered their love and gratitude in words. One of them spoke for full five minutes in pure Telugu. It was a fantastic effort and everyone appreciated it. Then the drama began.

It was based on the theme "Love the mother as God." It traced the life of two boys as they grow up into a successful pilot and an engineer. The Mother suffers from cancer but she keeps it a secret in order not to become an obstacle for the careers of the fatherless boys. Blissfully unaware, the boys achieve their dreams when one day, they learn about their mother being seriously ill.

The pilot flies in the right direction towards his mother while the other is unable to give up the career. The dialogues presented powerful reasons for one to stay by the Mother forever. It was here that Swami's was used as an example of an ideal son.

There was the ice cream vendor who was the thread for the whole drama. He also brings the "other" son onto the right track with his oblique remarks and powerful quotes from Swami. The repentant son then rushes to his mother who is on the deathbed.

Then a miracle takes place when heartfelt prayers to Swami cancels the cancer and everyone is happy. The drama was moving in its depiction of the sacrifice of a mother and Swami was emotional once or twice during the drama. As the presentation concluded, Swami asked for safari pieces to be brought.

He permitted the youth to sing songs that they had prepared. The group singing was full of energy and vigour. They sang songs in Hindi, English and Telugu. After 15-20 minutes, they were through and Swami agreed to move down to grant them group pictures. In a neat disciplined manner, one after another, the gents and ladies formed a neat curve around Him as pictures were taken.

Swami then moved up the stage and asked for the aarthi. He blessed the safari pieces to be distributed to all the participants of the drama. He also blessed prasadam to be distributed. Then He moved into the Bhajan Hall.

A new silver base had been made for the Saishwara lingam. Swami had a look at it in the Bhajan Hall. He gave permission to the priest to change the base for the lingam. He also blessed the other new silverware for worship. Then, He moved out of the Bhajan Hall and retired for the day. The time was 8:30 p.m.

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