June 22-25, 2010 – Divine Bonanza of Grace for All

The four days preceding June 25 was very special and memorable in Prashanti Nilayam and like always, this was linked to some wonderful occurrences in the Divine presence. After quite a period of time, Swami arrived for morning darshan on four consecutive days and specially showered Grace on the students and devotees who had gathered there. The morning schedule is more or less fixed. The Veda chanting begins at 8:00 a.m. and the bhajans take over at 9:00 a.m. The bhajans generally conclude at 9:40 a.m. with aarthi.

However, during these four days, Swami used to arrive during the Veda chanting, shortly after 8:00 a.m. There were few people seated on both the ladies' and gents' sides. Nobody had the slightest expectation that Swami would come and that too so early into the Veda chanting.

The central marbled blocks had only a few occupants and majority of them were the 'waiting' boys - a group of students who are awaiting further instructions from Swami, having completed their education and not having the slightest inclination to depart from the physical proximity of the Lord. A few members of the staff from the Trusts also were seated.

Since it was sparsely populated, these boys moved to the back end of the blocks and had a close darshan and then moved back to the front where they had a second darshan. This habit went on for three mornings till the fourth day when Swami said, "Ay! You sit that side and come running to this side. Sit in one place!" And so, on the 25th morning, they all moved back to the front from where they would be able to see Him close during bhajans.

Hundreds of devotees from the United States of America had arrived for a Puttaparthi Pilgrimage. Each passing morning saw their numbers grow and swell. Swami too made enquiries about their group and on more than one occasion asked about from the stage itself while the bhajans were going on! Though the hall is not full, the front few rows were always overflowing and devotees still fell on one another to have a closer glimpse of their beloved Swami. Swami seemed a bit liberal as He collected letters and read most of them as He sat for bhajans on stage.

The most thrilling feature during the past four days however, has been His intense personal counseling for the 'waiting' boys and students who have passed out. Adding the icing on the cake has been the spate of materializations that seem to invariably follow the intense counseling! The morning of the 25th turned out to be unforgettable for the young Brownson from Manipur.

Having completed his basic degree in the music college, he was waiting for Divine directions after failing to clear the exam for the Diploma course. Swami consoled him and told him not to worry. He guided him as to how he should proceed and promised to intervene in His own Divine manner. As a token of love and reassurance, Swami created a beautiful golden chain for him.

On the 25th, Swami materialized vibhuti for one of the "waiting" boys who had just returned from home, having served his parents there. It was a wonderful sight to see Swami apply the holy ash on the boy's forehead and pack the rest of it for his future use.

The 25th also saw two chain materializations - one was for a student who was not the best in his academics. Yet, on Swami's command, he bravely got enrolled into the M. Phil course and decided to pursue his Ph. D too. Swami created a golden chain with the pendant of the Lord who removes all obstacles – Ganesha - for him.

The second one was for a boy who plays table and was waiting to join the advanced course for tabla in the music college. Enquiring into his family background and what he planned to do in future, Swami materialized a gold chain with an intricately carved locket of Mother Durga for him! In a similar fashion, the 24th morning also saw a gold chain being created for another student after he was guided into his future 'course' for action.

While the creations were in full swing, Swami also delighted several students and devotees by gifting them with vibhuti packets - tokens of His Grace that act as support systems in critical junctions of life. Swami would just look at the concerned person and throw the vibhuti packet at him/her and watch with joy as joy exploded in their hearts and expressed on their faces.

As the bhajans would be on, Swami would call a boy here or there to guide and direct. When the Divine conversation would be on, to facilitate better hearing and thus better understanding, the bhajans volume would be drastically lowered. Swami somehow seemed to get very conscious about it. On more than one occasion, He would look at the singers and egg them on to sing louder.

When this 'volume lowering' repeated always, He also scolded them in mock anger, "Haven't you all eaten anything at all?" And then, even as He spoke to the students, when the boy would stand to speak to Him, Swami would say, "Sit down! Sit down and speak. The ladies are not able to see from there."

Even as He joked, there was such a profound message. The worst mistake anyone could do was to block God from someone else's sight! A true friend is one who shows and brings God into our lives. Anyone doing vice versa is fit to be discarded immediately! The ultimate friend for all, Swami, would patiently go through the huge pile of letters He had collected.

Other than on one occasion when He received aarthi at 9:15 a.m. immediately after the Veda chanting, Swami would ask for the bhajans to begin at 9:00 a.m. By about 9:30 or 9:40 Swami would receive aarthi and leave for His Residence.


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