July 27, 2009 – Essential Items Distribution and Music Programme by Rangareddy District

The way the Lord works is similar to the principle of the process of nuclear fission. In nuclear fission, one atom that is bombarded with a particle gives rise to many more such particles with the potential to bombard many more atoms. This builds up at a rapid rate till a point when a whole city can be provided power to run! In the similar manner, Swami invests time, energy and, most importantly, Love into a particular service idea. That grows exponentially till the idea becomes a plan and the plan becomes a glorious reality! All the health and education projects taken up by His devotees the world over and the recent growth in village service activities - all owe their origins to the seeds planted by Swami.

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The distribution of food, clothing and essential livelihood items was seeded by Swami over the years and today it has grown into an elaborate service exercise. Every region, as part of its Puttaparthi Yatra, seems to do its bit in distributing essential items to the needy. On July 27, the devotees from Rangareddy district had planned a similar endeavour.

The marbled areas of the Mandir had been filled with these items to be distributed to 85 beneficiaries, 32 gents and 53 ladies, chosen from the districts. The implements included sewing machines, embroidery machines, iron boxes, barber’s kit, telephone coin boxes, agricultural sprayers, wet grinder, carpenter kit, scooter mechanic kit, electrician kit, plumber kit, amplifier sound system unit, etc.

Swami arrived shortly before 5 p.m. for darshan. On the ladies' side, it was the birthday of a kid. She seemed so happy and excited to see Swami and the Lord reflected and radiated back the same. He blessed her by sprinkling the holy grains and granting her and her mother paadanamaskar. He had a look at the items in the centre before moving over to the gents’ side.

Blessing the birthday boys seated in the front, Swami moved to the stage and arriving there, asked for the programme to begin. Once again, there was a long line of offerings to be made. It took some time and even Swami said, "That is enough. Otherwise it will become late." Soon, the coordinator began to call out names of the beneficiaries. These beneficiaries, both men and women, some handicapped, came one by one to receive the implements in His Divine Presence, paying prayerful obeisance to Bhagavan.

It is said that chanting the Divine Name is a sure way to salvation. It is really a special privilege for the beneficiaries that their names are read out in the Divine Presence! A plate had been placed in the centre into which they offered roses of gratitude. Soon enough, the plate was full and overflowing too - symbolic of the feelings in their heart!

The entire distribution was complete in a matter of fifteen minutes. Then, Swami permitted the presentation of "Sangeeta Vibhavari" - a bouquet of songs at His lotus feet. The songs were beautiful in their meaning and Swami seemed so happy with the effort. Then an interesting anecdote occurred that kept all the viewers occupied and happy.

Swami had a trifoliate stem of the Tulsi plant, maybe offered to Him by one of the devotees. Every now and then, during the programme, Swami would raise it and study it deeply. Then, as if suddenly becoming aware of the staring audience, He would drop the stem back on His lap, looking up with a sheepish but very sweet smile! This happened a couple of times. Then slowly, Swami raised it to His lips. Smiling at those who were watching, He put it in His mouth and nibbled it! The sight was so sweet and it was so childlike of Swami to do that.

Throughout the period of the songs, Swami kept rhythm and kept smiling. Towards the end, He moved into the interview room and brought safari pieces and sarees to be distributed to all the participants.

He specially called out for the harmonium player and the violinist and created golden rings with emerald for them! Both of them were naturally thrilled. The violinist offered his violin to Swami and the Lord so sweetly strummed a string. That act seemed to tug at the heartstrings of the artist as his face was overcome with joyous emotion.

Swami asked for the aarthi after blessing prasadam to be distributed. Continuing the trend of offering a flower by the senior honorary staff, that evening it was the turn of Prof. Ram Murthy, a distinguished professor from the School of Business Management Accounting and Finance of Sri Sathya Sai University.

Swami then accepted a letter from the harmonium player and read it for almost 3-4 minutes! Blessing the congregation, Swami retired for the day at about 6:30 p.m.

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