August 27, 2009 – Drama by Sai Youth of Orissa

As mentioned in the Prasanthi Diary article of August 26, the Orissa Sai Youth was on a pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam on August 26-27. And like all other visiting youth, they too had come prepared with a drama. A word here about one special genre of dramas that are enacted in the divine presence: these are dramas that are based on incidents in real life, and where the names of the characters are not changed in order to enforce the authenticity! They are plays where the drama behind the drama is so much more thrilling than the actual presentation itself. No wonder they say that Truth is stranger than fiction! And on August 27, the youth from Orissa had brought such a drama to present before Him. It would have been more of a "highlights" show for Him, for wasn't it He who directed the whole version?

It was at about 5:20 p.m. that Swami arrived for darshan rounds. There were very important dignitaries including the Governor of the Reserve bank of India who had arrived to attend a conference on "Ethics and the World of Finance" to begin the next day under the auspices of the Sri Sathya Sai University. CEOs, MDs, Chairpersons and Country Heads of various banks and financial institutions (JP Morgan, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, IRDA, Birla Sun Insurance to name a few) were expected to be present in the conference.

Swami moved through the ladies side and in the centre, had a look at the backdrop that had been placed. He completed the darshan rounds and arrived at the veranda where the chairman of HDFC Bank Mr. Jagdish Kapoor was waiting to greet Him and offer his salutations. The members of the university staff showed the programme details for the conference. Swami blessed it and assured that He would be there for the inauguration.

The day’s drama had an interesting flashback that dated back to the 81st Birthday celebrations in the state of Orissa. During the birthday celebrations, the Youth from Ambadola Samithi (Southern Orissa) had presented a drama - the story of a group of young men who were inspired by Swami to take up the project of a home for the destitute children and to finally dedicate the same to Bhagavan. 


After this was done, a Divine direction came to the youth in a most unexpected manner giving them a real jolt. Swami appeared in the dream of one of the youth, Trinath, and asked if they were only acting or going to do something really, that is, are they going to make the "drama" a reality? Then, came the Divine command, “Make it a Reality”. And so, that day's drama was about the drama that ensued after that dream.

Swami arrived on the stage and seemed very keen to have the programme. The main characters came up the stage and offered the cards to Swami. One of the cards had a mirror embedded in it and it reflected the sweet face of dear Swami. Swami blessed them and soon the drama began. It showed in a quick scene the above mentioned story in the flashback.

The Divine drama began once the protagonist begins pondering as to how he must go about the 'dream'. A senior, 'Mohan Bhaiya' arrives and tries to drive 'sense' into these 'foolishly' inspired youth who seem bent upon 'ruining' a prosperous life for a life of service. The debate ends with Mohan stating, "I will give you four acres of land at a concessional price if you can show me at least Rs. 50,000 by the end of a week." As he says this, a blind beggar arrives with his singing son. The song, "Aadmi ko aadmi kya deta hain" made a powerful impact not only the members in the drama but everyone in the audience too.

Swami was very moved and happy at the same time. He blessed the sweet kid who was proclaiming such an important message about 'finance'. And that is the unfolding of the divine drama. It was so apt that this drama was being presented when the top echelons of the financial world were also witnessing the programme at Prasanthi Nilayam. Hear the song for yourselves and feel the thrill that all of us at the Sai Kulwant all experienced!

The drama moves on wherein the protagonist gets a cheque for exactly Rs. 50,000 for some project that he executed sometime ago for the company Bajaj Allianz Insurance! On top of it another person comes with a donation of 2.5 lakhs. All the required machinery gets rolling and soon Mohan's jaw drops in awe! He is so moved and inspired that he decides to give away the land free, instead of building an explosives factory which he had originally planned.

Very soon “Sai Karunalayam” is up and functioning with the first beneficiary being the boy who had sung the song in the opening scene. Swami was so happy when He saw the boy "comfortably placed" and He expressed that through a smile that broke into an emotional gasp.

Towards the end, the home for the destitutes was dedicated to Swami and the members of the drama danced to the tunes of a song that proclaimed Swami as the “Captain” guiding His soldiers, which is them. They declared, "Baba does not have a bank account of His own but millionaires consider it their great privilege if they get a chance to serve Him." As the audience clapped madly, there were many heads on stage that perked up and those were the heads of the Heads of major financial institutions and they were to soon realize the Truth of that statement!

The drama concluded and Swami permitted the youth to sing two songs. As this went on, a few prominent members of the drama went up the stage. Among them was the Convenor of the Ambadola Samithi, the one who had actually started the Sai Samithi in that under-developed region. Along with him on the stage was Mr. Raja, the District Youth Coordinator.

“How many children are currently there?” “Ten, Swami,” was the reply. “Where are these children studying?” The Lord asked again. “Swami, they are studying a nearby school.” Immediately Swami asked again, “You do not have a school?” “No, Swami.” “I will build one for you. I will do everything. Whenever you need anything, I will make the arrangements. I will look after everything.”

Swami started asking them about the details of “Sai Karunalayam”. “How many children are currently there?” “Ten, Swami,” was the reply. “Where are these children studying?” The Lord asked again. “Swami, they are studying a nearby school.” Immediately Swami asked again, “You do not have a school?” “No, Swami.” “I will build one for you. I will do everything. Whenever you need anything, I will make the arrangements. I will look after everything.” Needless to say, the youth were on cloud nine; they were overwhelmed with these divine assurances that flowed from the Lord so spontaneously and lovingly.

They blurted out, “Swami, when You are with us, we can achieve anything, we can take up any project, however mighty it might be.” Now, Swami was overwhelmed, and instantly clasped the hands of the youth. You can imagine the exchange of Pure Love that was transpiring at this point between Swami and His dearest instruments; everyone who was watching this was truly in ecstasy.

Swami continued further and asked, “How many more children do you want to add?” “We want to have 40-50, Swami,” they responded enthusiastically. But Swami said, “No, have 20.” Then, He Himself said that He would guide them about the plan and in fact, would do everything. This statement “I will do everything” of Swami has now become their talisman, which will enable them to any miracle of Love; it is their source of eternal strength and inspiration.

As Swami was interacting with the two senior Youth, Swami Himself beckoned the protagonist, Mr. Trinath to the stage. He was the one whom Swami had inspired to build the home for destitutes. And now, he seemed to find His life's fulfillment as he lay prostrate at the divine feet. He broke down in sheer joy and was in no position to stem the immense joy that seemed to exude through his tears.

In fact, it must be mentioned here that before coming to Prasanthi Nilayam, Trinath, though only in his early thirties, had given up his lucrative job of a Manager in SBI Life Insurance so that he could devote his entire time and energy to Swami’s work. The plan of the Ambadola Samithi is to build a small Sai ashram in their region which not only provides spacious accommodation to the orphans but also has a school, a hostel, a community centre, a horticulture unit, an old age home, and also a vocational training centre along with space for more initiatives. [H2H team had the privilege of interviewing many of these Sai Youth and shortly, will present a comprehensive story based on their moving service initiatives and more importantly, their rock-like faith.

After blessing Trinath, Swami moved down the stage to pose for a photograph with all the participants. Conferring joy on them by granting them padanamaskar and talking to a few of them, Swami returned the stage. He blessed prasadam for distribution and then retired to Yajur Mandir. Thus ended another scintillating day with dear Sai.

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