August 29, 2009 – Divine Discourse on the Occasion of ‘Ethics and the World of Finance’ Conference

In our Prasanthi Diary article of August 28, we had for you the proceedings of the first day of the unique conference on “Ethics and The World of Finance”. The second day of this grand event had in store something even fantastic. 

Swami arrived for darshan as the bhajans were on. Arriving on stage, He asked for His mikes to be brought! There was excitement and minutes later, everyone was absorbed in listening to the nectar divine as Swami spoke with vitality and force.




Embodiments of Love,

God is one. Scholars call God by different names - Allah, Jesus, Rama, etc. Depending on one's faith, God assumes a form. Take the Christian 'I'. Cross the ‘I’, the ego and you get the Holy Cross. That is God. God has no name or form. People have had desires from ages. People have many desires. But Dharmaraja, the eldest of the Pandavas, had only 1 desire. Dharmaraja loved gambling. The Kauravas knew this and the cunning Shakuni further inspired them to utilise this as a weakness of Dharmaraja. Dharamaraja felt happy when invited for a game of dice.

Duryodhana and Dushaasana were on one side and the Pandavas on the other. The dice used for the game were biased in favour of the Kauravas who were deceitful. Dharmaraja thus sacrificed the kingdom (he had actually desired to takeover the Kauravas kingdom). He finally even placed Draupadi as the wager. When she too had been lost, she came to hall and asked a question, “Whom did he lose first? Having lost himself, he has no right to wager me.” None could answer. She was Panchali - the wife of all the five Pandavas. He had no sole authority over her! That was the understanding of Draupadi.

Another thing has to be mentioned. The Pandavas had to decide about Dharma on many occasions. Drona had stayed at King Drupada's place. Drona prayed to Drupada for milk for his son. The king told him to take as much milk as he wanted. Then Dronacharya asked for a cow saying that it would solve all problems once for all! The king advised him that it was difficult to maintain a cow as he would have to take care of her shelter, fodder, etc. Hearing this, Drona got angry, "You can’t give me even a cow?! What sort of a friend are you?" And so he left the kingdom along with his wife and son. There was no train or bus or car in those days. They walked to where Pandavas were.

The Pandavas and Kauravas were children, playing at that time. They were all sad because their ball had fallen into a well and they did not know how to get it out. Drona took out arrows from his bundle and retrieved the ball by shooting arrows in a series, end to end. It needs expert skill to shoot an arrow into another in a series. It appeared as though a rope of arrows was made, connected end to end. Seeing this, the children were happy and they sung his glories at home.

Drona, his wife along with son, were accommodated and the people started talking highly of his skill. The Pandavas began to learn from him. Later he said, “Give me one student so that I can teach him everything completely.”  Dharmaraja summoned Arjuna. Drona taught all arts to Arjuna. Thus Drona’s skill was noted and he became popular. Even Aswathamma came to forefront because of this.

The differences in opinion between the Pandavas and Kauravas alienated Aswathamma from the Pandavas. Jealousy and anger sprouted in Aswathamma. The Pandavas had 6 children - the Upapandavas. Aswathamma beheaded them at night when they were all asleep.

Draupadi came to know of this but she didn't shed a tear. She said to Ashwathama, “My husbands are your Father’s students. Is it justified to kill the children of your father's students? They were not in war, they were unarmed and that too it was night - how could you kill them? This is injustice." Bheema was so enraged and out of anger he shouted, "I will not spare this Brahmin. I'll behead him in retaliation.” But then, in a pacifying manner, Draupadi said, "Just as we feel at the loss of our children even his mother will feel in same manner. But still, it is not right to kill one who is afraid, sleeping, intoxicated, or resting without security, and who is a child or a woman. Shave his head. That is enough as a punishment for a kshatriya."  Uphold Truth. Sathyam bruyath Priyam bruyath - Speak the Truth but also speak in a pleasing manner.

The teaching of women in the epic Mahabharatha is of very high standards. Arjuna was pacified by Draupadi else he would have killed himself. "What’s the use of brooding over past? Past is past. It is gone. The children are gone but we should not hurt anyone else." That is what she said.  Arjuna’s temper subsided due to Draupadi. Everything is there in the Mahabharatha.

A  Conference on Ethics in Finance is being held here. It was Ethics that gave protection always. Do not feel bad for the financial loss. Life is the wealth that has to be protected. Life is so valuable and human beings are the greatest wealth. That is the wealth. And such ethics are set in Mahabharata. Women of Bharath have had the noblest character and have always been broad-hearted. They know noble ideals. That’s why Bharath has progressed.

Thus it was that Draupadi advised Arjuna, "Oh Phalguna - the one with many virtues, you are noble, you should not kill Ashwathamma. Don’t be childish." These noble people are forgotten today by the Bharatiyas. Who are the people of noble ideas and lofty individuals? They are the ones who have tolerance as their beauty. Its not body beauty.


Aping others is a sign of weakness. Uphold and safeguard the tradition and culture of Bharat. Without neethi (morality) there is no jaathi (humanity).

Money comes and goes but Morality comes and grows. Protect morality. What are the qualities of a Bharatiya? They maintain their character. The character is of utmost importance. But today, Bharatiyas are like the elephant - not aware of their own strength. The mahout says sit and get up and the elephant does as told. The training and education it receives makes the elephant like that (Obvious reference to the importance of an Educare system over an Education system). The mahout can be thrown if elephant just wills to brush its tail. So to, Bharathiyas are very powerful.

The Vedas, Ithihasas, Puranas and Upanishads - these are great repositories of knowledge. But people become weak because they are not following these sacred texts. They wear suits because the foreigners are wearing them. Understand our culture. Today no one follows one's conscience.

This is a country which played football with intruders and invaders but today they are in a state of innocence (The statement was translated as a "state of ignorance" and Swami corrected it by saying, "not ignorance, innocence").

Because of imitation you lose energy. So don’t imitate. Be in your limits. The lion is very powerful but it kills only when it’s really hungry. It never misuses its power. Excess ego, anger and desire leads to one crossing the limits. Don’t give way to misdirection. Do not hurt or injure anyone and yourself. Don’t use your power as you wish. Keep everything in limits.

Students want to be free. That is good, but under certain limits. Then alone does freedom have value. Simply getting more money and more intelligence is dangerous. There is a lot of wastage of wealth in the US. Lot of money is wasted on Afghanistan and Iraq. And because they do that, today they have lost money. See, God is all powerful but He does not use it recklessly. So don’t use this power as you like. Don’t waste even thoughts. Thoughts make the mind. See the cloth here. It is a bundle of threads which are actually cotton. So too, the mind is a fabric of thoughts.

Don’t make excessive use of materials. The same applies to food too. Help others. Never hurt anyone. Help ever, hurt never. This is what we have to learn. Don’t hurt others or yourself. Everything is not in the texts. It lies in tests that you face in life. Think inside, “Is it good/bad?” If bad, don’t even touch it. If good for all, meaning family, society, and you, then proceed




Remember that you are not doing any favour to the bank by working properly. You are doing service to yourself. Taking good care of the bank will ensure your betterment. The more you preserve, the more it will help you. Don’t be egoistic of the amount you have in bank. It will come to you today and disappear tomorrow. Whatever you do is for your own betterment. Daiva preethi… paapa bheethi… (Love for God and fear of sin) are most essential. Get a good name in society. For that develop intense love.

A sin once committed will come back to you. But when you have character, the whole society will love you. Love and God is everywhere. Love all. Then your love will increase. It also increases your name and fame. When you perform a bad act, others too follow you. So ‘do good’, ‘be good’ and ‘see good’. This is the way to God. You will be held in high respect and position. It is not in any text. It is in the sacredness of the heart. Maintain this sacredness.

But nowadays, everything sacred has gone and only a cigarette is seen! If you start smoking, all want to smoke with you. Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are. If you are bad, your company will be bad. If you are good, your company will be good. Today many companies have shut down. That is because many are tempted to follow bad company. Don’t be in that eagerness to follow bad company. Haste makes waste, waste makes worry. So don’t be in a hurry. Haste is the root cause of worry. Never be in a hurry.

Dear children, you are young. Do good deeds. Undertake good tasks. Service to society is one of the noblest deeds. The society maintains us. Even amongst the society, the mother, the father, the preceptor and then God must be the order in which you give priority! Mother is very very very important. If you make your mother suffer you will suffer for the rest of your life. So always make your mother happy. If your mother is happy, then you will be happy throughout your life. Happiness of your mother is your happiness.




The Mother will always protect you. Sometimes she scolds you or hits you, but that is out of her concern and love, not out of her anger. This is only temporary. Everything is temporary. Anger, jealousy, temper, lust and even hunger are temporary. Only the atma is permanent.

Love all serve all. This is your permanent property. "Service is my god. It is my life". Enter service with this feeling. Service should not be for money. Money is a jumping and fluctuating factor. It comes and goes. Don’t rejoice or feel depressed when it comes or goes. See to that your morality comes and grows.

Students, today is a very happy day. Pray or desire that such days come along always. Recollect everything that has been told. Wherever you are, be it in space or the deep forest or a poor village or a city, God will always be by your side. GOD is in you, around you, beside you, above you. God will never desert you. God is not temporary!

You students are very good. Be good always!




Swami concluded the discourse with two bhajans - Hari Bhajan Bina and Subramanyam Subramanyam. 

Swami then asked for prasadam to be brought. In a hurry, that was arranged and Swami blessed it for distribution. All the bankers and financial captains were on their knees as Swami passed by them into the car. He blessed all of them and they all seemed to be in a different level altogether! It was nearing 7 p.m. when He retired to His residence.

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