December 29, 2009 – Dance by Delhi Bal Vikas Children

There was a short dance programme by the Delhi Bal Vikas Children scheduled on December 29 for which Swami had granted permission. A blue river-sky backdrop had been erected and the children in various costumes awaited Swami's arrival. It was at about 4:50 p.m. that Swami arrived and started to move around granting darshan.

At the centre, He spoke to one of the kids and seemed to enquire quite deeply into the evening's programme. Then He moved around the gents' side and arrived on stage. He called the State President immediately and told him to make an announcement and begin the programme. He indicated to the lady and she made the introductory offering of the programme at His Lotus Feet.

Two boys then moved up front and offered roses to Swami and were soon followed by a little girl who did the same. Then the programme began. The first item was a prayer in the form of a dance to Lord Ganesha. The Bal Vikas boys’ dance was followed by a joyful dance by the Bal Vikas girls which conveyed that the power of the divine name endows one with the strength and fortitude to face the trials and tribulations of worldly life.

The next performance was a dance by the Bal Vikas boys in the Rajasthani tradition, full of verve and energy, expressing deep faith in the omnipresent God. This dance began with a boy running at top speed and skidding and sliding till Swami's feet. Then he rose and began to dance with great vigour. Swami was amused with this scene! The dance lasted about six minutes. The last dance by the Bal Vikas girls conveyed the theme of unity and love. It was performed with electric lamps in the hands and had a soothing effect all around.

As the dances concluded in about half an hour, Swami asked whether they were all done. Swami then blessed them and told them to be seated.

The next question was, "Can you sing bhajans?" The children began to sing and the students quickly planted mikes in front of the singing boys. The next bhajan was sung by girls and Swami looked at the students and asked through signs, "No mikes for them?" After a few quiet lines of bhajans, the girls' voices soon were on the PA system. Bhajans went on and now a cute incident happened.

After about six bhajans, the children went silent. Apparently, those were the only bhajans they had practised and prepared well. Swami asked, "That’s all? No more bhajans?" After a few moments of uneasy silence, one small boy broke the silence with a confident voice. He began to sing and slowly the other kids too joined in one by one. Swami seemed pleased at this self-confidence notwithstanding the fact that he was singing out of pitch! After two more bhajans, Swami called this boy to the stage and materialized a gold chain for him.

Joyous applause resounded in the hall and everyone seemed thrilled. Swami then asked for Aarthi. Aarthi was sung and after that, Swami told that He would move down for group photos. Another round of applause was followed by the camera clicks. Telling the children that He was very happy, Swami retired for the day.

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