January 31, 2010 – Sri Sathya Sai Hyderabad Youth Conference – Day Three

The downpour of blessings on the Hyderabad Youth continued for the third day on January 31 as Swami permitted them to sing songs in the Divine presence that day. Well within 4:00 p.m., the youth sat in the marbled blocks awaiting His arrival.

here was also another children's group that awaited Him in the Bhajan Hall. A group of physically and mentally challenged children (or "differently-abled" kids as we call them) had arrived from Mumbai.

The Sai Organisation had taken the initiative to bring them into the divine presence and Swami had graciously consented to their special seating in the Bhajan Hall. The bodies and minds may be different but the soul's thirst is common to all and that is what Swami responds to.

Swami arrived for darshan at 5:15 p.m. and took a full round of the Sai Kulwant Hall. As He passed by the Hyderabad youth, He asked them about the details of their programme, “Sri Sathya Sai Sangeeta Vibhavali”!

Then, He headed straight into the Bhajan Hall. The children there expressed their love and devotion for Him through a set of bhajans and dances. One could easily understand that it was not their bodies but their souls that were singing and dancing in joy.

Swami moved around the groups of children. He spent about 20 minutes with these fortunate children. In the end, He asked for the photographers to take a picture with them. Swami sat with the different groups of children even as the elders guiding them prodded them to take namaskar. Then Swami moved out to the stage.

It was 5:50 p.m. when Swami asked for the Veda chanting to cease and asked the youth to begin their songs. After the initial offering of roses and cards, the presentation began. The songs were all in Telugu and they conveyed beautiful truths.

They were set to melodious tunes which brought joy to all listeners. Swami too began to keep rhythm by snapping fingers, tapping feet and swaying ever so gently. The whole experience of hearing the songs, seeing Swami all the while was really sublime.

Even as the songs went on, Swami called their coordinator and speaking to him, created a beautiful gold ring for him! It was done ever so silently that nobody in the audience even seemed to have notice it. Meanwhile, some of the elders and people in the portico who had a train to catch for Hyderabad, began to file out. Swami noticed this but all-knowing that He is, He let it pass.

The songs continued and everyone seemed to be enjoying it and that was mainly because Swami was so engrossed listening to them. Once or twice they even asked Swami as to whether they should stop, but Swami prodded them to continue.

Bhagavan then observed that the birthday boys were stretching out their trays seeking His blessings. He called them to the stage and began to playfully take items from the tray in one boy's hand and placing it into the other tray.

It went on for a while and the Divine Child seemed to be engrossed in His little game. Then, like a pleasant bolt from the blue, Swami told the two boys, "Look that side. Take a photo!" Thus it was that the boys got a personal picture with Swami.

As the programme concluded, Swami had safari pieces distributed to all the singers. He then told them to start bhajans. As the bhajans went on, Swami told the singers to cluster together as He would like to move down and have a photograph with them. They did as told and Swami added to their bliss by posing and interacting with them.

As He moved up the stage, He asked the photographer, "Have all been covered?"  After a while, Swami received aarthi and then returned to His residence.

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