Sunday, July 5, 2009

This evening, Swami came for darshan by 4.10 pm and after His darshan round, took another round through the verandah and in front of the stage area. After more than half an hour, He went into the interview room briefly. At five o'clock, He came to the Bhajan Hall and called in the group of devotees from the USA. In a half-hour interaction, He granted them padanamaskar and group photos, with vibhuti prasadam being distributed. Bhajans in the Sai Kulwant Hall began when Swami emerged from the Bhajan Hall at 5.30. As Swami sat onstage, prasadam was distributed to all before Arati was offered at six o'clock.

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Devotees from the USA sang bhajans this morning. In the evening, the Balvikas children and youth from Mumbai presented a drama. Bhagavan arrived at five minutes to four and came onstage after His darshan round to begin the proceedings at 4.15 pm. The musical was based on the life of the saint Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon. After the hour-long performance, Swami went down from the stage for group photographs with them. When He returned onstage, prasadam was distributed and Arati was offered.

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This evening, the Maharashtra devotees continued the Ashadi Ekadasi programmes. Bhagavan arrived at Sai Kulwant Hall at 5.15 pm, and coming onstage after His darshan round, commenced the proceedings. Many devotees and some of the artistes involved in today's programme came up to Him for blessings, and the presentation got underway at 5.40 pm with the traditional Dindi dance. The Balvikas children and youth presented "Maharashtra Bhakthi Gaatha", an offering of song and dance, with the songs being performed on the raised stage erected in the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall. At 6.45, Swami called up one of the protagonists and blessed him with a chain, just as a song concluded beseeching Swami to visit His devotees in Maharashtra. Arati was offered at 6.50 pm and Bhagavan retired for the day.

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This evening's programme was a concert by Pandit Suresh Talwalkar and troupe. Bhagavan finished His darshan round and came onstage to begin the proceedings at 5.30 pm. After taking His blessings, the group proceeded to the high stage built at the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall with large speakers on either side. The hour-long performance had tablas and other percussion instruments like the pakhawaj accompanied by vocals, flute, sarangi, keyboards and so on. Swami sent clothes for the artistes and accepted Arati at 6.45 pm. After Arati, He blessed the troupe with group photographs before returning to His residence.

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This morning, the devotees from Maharashtra commenced their three-day Ashadi Ekadasi celebrations, welcoming Bhagavan into Sai Kulwant Hall in a procession with Vedic chants. The Balvikas children, youth and devotees chanted Vedam for nearly an hour as Swami sat onstage, with Arati being offered at five minutes to ten.

In the evening, Swami came for darshan at 4.30 pm and sat onstage for a few minutes after His darshan round before moving to the interview room. He emerged at five o'clock to begin the programme - a Hindustani vocal concert by Ms. Kalapini Komkali, the daughter of renowned musician Kumar Gandharva. After the hour-long concert, Swami blessed the artiste with a chain and a pendant and the accompanists with clothes. He then asked the students to sing some bhajans with alap, and at the end asked for a song on Vithala to be sung. It was 6.30 when Arati was offered. Swami moved to the interview room for a few minutes before returning to His residence in the car.

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