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Dear Devotees,

Greetings on the occasion of the launch of this Journal, meant especially for you. Though called a Journal, we want it to be an electronic hub where you and we get together; this might not be quite clear at present, but as we go along, we are sure it would be.

We are starting off with fortnightly issues but soon we hope to make it a weekly. We will not explain in detail what sort of items we shall be featuring in this Journal because a perusal of this inaugural issue ought to give you a good idea of that. But this we would like to say: This is supposed to be some sort of electronic Satsangh- 'e-satsangh' if you prefer! We have no intention to degrade the word Satsangh by this new usage, but the term 'e-satsangh' ought to give you the general idea of what we are aiming at.

Take full advantage of this Journal.Tell all your friends about it, those who have not heard about it yet. Become fully involved in it by contributing human interest stories, spiritual questions, spiritual puzzles, pictures etc. As we go along, we shall be opening one by one, many windows for creative expression. Take full advantage of all of them, and encourage others to do likewise.

Spirtituality is by no means dull and dry stuff, meant only for those with one foot in the grave. Spirituality is what gives true meaning to life, making it worthwhile and a joyous experience. We hope this Journal would help you discover that.

We might take this opportunity to add a few footnotes about how Bhagavan has quietly added many 'Electronic' dimensions to His Mission. It all started a few years ago when a web site was created in Prashanti Nilayam, Then came Radio Sai.And now,very soon, you will be able to see some of our programs on the web via video clips.Meanwhile, one TV channel in India has begun broadcasts of our programs three times a week; very soon it will be daily.Just imagine that! People all over India and some places in the Gulf and Near East [Singapore and Malaysia] can see Prashanti Bhajans and watch Discourses everyday! There cannot be any question that this would in its own way bring about a tremendous change, even as Radio Sai has.

Yes, things are beginning to happen that we never ever dreamt of. But they happen nevertheless, in spite of us! Keep in touch with Radio Sai's Journal, and you will know all about these wonderful things.Physically you might be far away from Puttaparthi but this Journal would, we assure you, make you feel very much at home; the home of God that is!


Volume : PDS / 01 Date : AUG 31 2003