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Dear Devotees…

Before you embark on the exploration of this Journal…we at the Prasanthi Digital Studio have a confession to make. This is the first walk down the"e-satsangh" alley for us too!

So let us know how we have done and illumine us on how to make the subsequent walks down this alley, a much more spiritually rewarding experience; for it is our endeavor that each of these walks should take us all a little closer to HIM!

To begin with, we have done quite a bit of brain storming to come up with an apt name for the Radio Sai Journal. We feel that we could do with some help…
Get creative and feel free to suggest a name for this Journal…we are sure that with your involvement this 'just-born' will have a good name before the next issue.

It is the exchange of spiritual ideas and ideals that make a satsangh.Let us hear what you have to say…it would increase the spiritual richness of these pages manifold. Send us stories and happenings from your lands that have inspired you. Pop in spiritual questions for which you are searching for an answer; or quiz us with questions for which you have discovered the answer. Share with us creative expressions of your Love…and enable us all to grow in our Love for Him.

You may have wondered how the Prasanthi Digital Studio looks like. So take a peek below…From here come the waves for Radio Sai Global Harmony…In here are created the audio and video productions of the Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust…and of course, this Journal!
It is here, that we work…Nay, Worship.


Volume : PDS / 01 Date : AUG 31 2003