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The more one loves one's fellow beings, the greater would be the Bliss that one enjoys. The more you love others, the happier you would be. Therefore, if you wish to be constantly happy, you must always love all. Love is the Royal Path to God. The best way to God is to love all and serve all.

Everyone wants to be happy. Such a desire is natural and it springs from the fact that man's true nature is Bliss. Bliss is the Form of God but man does not understand that. He does not understand that he has originated from God, that life's undercurrent is God, and that his final destination also is God. Bliss should be the goal, and one must seek it in all earnestness. The human body is temporary; hence, the pleasure that it can give is also fleeting. One must therefore seek that which is permanent, that is God, or, what is the same thing, Bliss.

It is meaningless to seek Bliss by way of instruments such as the sense organs that are impermanent. The body can give only bodily pleasure, and the Mind can at best give mental satisfaction. But these do not represent Bliss; Divine Love alone is Bliss. This Love Principle is present not only in man but also in all beings, birds and beasts included. Therefore, one has to place the same value on the lives of all beings. Share the love latent within you with not only fellow human beings but also with all the creatures in Nature. That is the True Universal Love Principle. Such Principle alone should be the basis of one's life.

The Path of True Love alone can take you unfailingly to God and confer Permanent Bliss. Bodies may be different but the God within all bodies is the same. There is a man who is addressed as father by his son. The daughter-in-law calls him father-in-law, while the grandchildren call him grandfather. The individual is the same but the manner in which different people address him varies. Similarly the same God is given different names by the followers of different religions; they hail Him as Allah, Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and so on. Though the names vary, God is one and the same. Therefore, there is really no room for dispute between people belonging to different religions. You may address God by the name of your choice but all calls go to the same destination. Goal is one and God also is one.

Scholarship will not protect or redeem you; only Pure Love can. Pure Love is like a well- paved, one-way road with no speed breakers. You can rush along it to God at whatever speed you want. Overcoming all obstacles, you must keep rushing towards God. That must be the characteristic of your spiritual journey.

Excerpts from a Divine Discourse of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Volume : PDS / 02 Date : SEPT 15 2003