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Modern man is not given to deep enquiry. Why? Is it because he has no time? Is it because this is a waste of time? Or is it because he really has no questions to ask, his mind having already been conditioned by the incessant barrage from the media? [Swami: "You see through the eyes of others (TV), you hear through the ears of others, and you think through the minds of others!"]

What arguments do atheists normally advance to deny God? How would you counter them?

What external circumstances are needed to promote enquiry? And what internal qualities are needed for developing discrimination?

What precisely is meant by discrimination? Why does Baba attach importance to discrimination?

Is discrimination in secular matters different from discrimination in spiritual matters? If so, why?

What in you opinion are the important issues facing humanity today? List them in the order of importance as you perceive it. Where do the solutions lie? In the spiritual or secular domain? If you cannot compartmentalise in this manner, why not?

Why is modern man so reluctant to accept God?

Notice that as explained to us by Baba, answers to questions relating to the external world constitute EDUCATION, while answers to questions relating to the inner world form the essence of EDUCARE! [Look up Swami's sayings on the matter.]

Swami often says that the Universe is the greatest book, and Nature is the greatest teacher. How does Baba illustrate His point? [This relates to how one may find answers to the questions that puzzle us.]

Once, Krishna taught some lessons to Uddhava, by recalling what was taught by Lord Dattreya to a seeker. This teaching imparted to Uddhava is sometimes called Uddhava Gita. A digest of it may be found in Message of the Lord, p. 667. Essentially, it is about lessons that can be learnt from Nature.

What precisely is meant by Inner Divinity?

Swami has been talking for ages about devotees recognising their Inner Divinity; yet, few seem to have succeeded. Why? What are the obstacles, and how are they to be removed?


Volume : PDS / 02 Date : SEPT 15 2003