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  • What is knowledge and how is it acquired?
  • Many factors contribute to today's imbalance. Can one list them according to the damage they create?

  • If the damage has to be contained and controlled, where exactly should one start?

  • In what way am I contributing personally to this imbalance?

  • What should I do to mitigate this imbalance and where should I start?


  • Collect all Baba quotes pertinent to this Chapter.

  • Collect anecdotes relating imbalance, detachment, proper perspectives etc. [See, for example, the story narrated by Swami in SUMMER SHOWERS IN BIRNDAVAN, 2000, page 149.]

  • Here is one example of imbalance created by corporate greed. Lately, the fishermen of Senegal in West Africa are finding that their catch is getting less and less. Reason? Heavy fishing by mechanised trawlers from Japan and various European countries. When the fish population is demolished, the trawlers go away to other areas. The local fishermen have to stay where they are and suffer. This is happening in many parts of the world.

  • In Goa, there was another kind of trouble. The Government imposed a ban on fishing for sometime, to allow the heavily-depleted fish population to recover. The depletion had occurred due to reckless fishing, and the environmental groups had campaigned for a temporary ban. But the fishermen who did not understand anything about imbalance and population dynamics, protested violently. They did not realise that they there is only so much that Nature can take. In today's world, rich corporations often behave like ignorant and uneducated fishermen. Greed blinds the educated and the uneducated alike.

  • Line up some case-studies like the above, that you think could be discussed with fellow-seekers. The important thing is the restoration of balance. That can come about only when one goes into the Heart. The big question is how to motivate people to look inside? What, according to you, are the steps one should take?


Volume 01: PDS / 03 Date : OCT 01 2003