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Ganesha goes home.... DATE: 4th September 2003

Today is Ganesha Immersion Day! Five days are past after Ganesh Chaturthi- and as tradition goes; Ganpatibappa (as we reverentially call Him) has to return home today. They say HE goes back to His heavenly abode at Kailash through the water route!

The last couple of days have been very hectic for the students and staff who were busy getting the ornate floats and pretty palanquins all set for the Big Day.

In these, they place Ganesha after the final worship and take Him in a grand procession to the Mandir.

Ganeshas of all sizes, from all over Puttaparthi, are brought by ardent worshippers to join this cavalcade of piety and gaiety.

At the Mandir, all the Ganeshas in their floats and palanquins, along with the students and staff, line up… a Guard of Honour, so that Swami can bless them all.

The Lord comes and moves between the lines…looking at each Ganesha…at each student…blessing them all.

As the Lord moves on, chants of prayer are heard…the Ganesha Gayatri…the voices soar and the entire place is charged with the Spirit!

Then the throngs break out singing…the Ganesha Pancharatnam. The Lord sways to the song.So does everyone.

We feel doubly blessed today.Both by Ganesha and His Father!
The procession then moves on from the Mandir …to the shouts of Jai and Joy!

The Lord watches it all as He returns to His abode. Its time for us to return Ganesha to His!


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