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From Kerala with Love ... Date : 8th September 2003

Over the last two days, about a hundred buses, carrying thousands of people, arrived in the Ashram. Someone remarked that they were all from Kerala….here to celebrate their most important festival: Onam, today.

Swami came to the Kulwanth hall this morning. The place was decorated in typical Kerala style… leaves and colourful flowers all over… Melodious devotional songs were being sung. Welcoming Bhagavan were tiny tots with lamps in their hands. It felt like heaven….seeing the Lord in his chariot. He blessed everyone in the hall with his palms raised. There was thunderous applause all through.

This evening was even more special. Swami entered the hall in a beautiful 'chair car' and went straight to the stage. The students of the music college then presented a marvelous music programme. Swami then called the singers from Kerala to sing for Him…at the end of it, He looked immensely pleased. He even gave them vibhuthi. Seeing the beautiful face of Swami and listening to those melodious songs, all sense of time was lost.

The buses are now returning back to where they came from…..there are faces peeping out of the windows…faces of contentment and bliss! They sure are taking back the Lord with them, in their hearts!


Volume 01: PDS / 03 Date : OCT 01 2003