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Dear Reader,

We in Radio Sai are simply overwhelmed by the response we have been receiving for our new venture. Your Ananda is our tonic, spurring us to do more, and still more!

It is kind of interesting. These days, the Media generally goes solidly for "sensational news". As late Sri V.K.Narasimhan, veteran journalist and formerly Editor of Sanathana Sarathi often used to say: When dog bites man it is not news, but when man bites dog it is hot news! Reading some of the stuff that is printed one wonders whether people are even inventing stories of "man biting dog"!

Recently a highly respected newspaper in India, The Hindu, celebrated its 125th anniversary. It was started in late nineteenth century by half a dozen people with a capital of just one and three quarters of a rupee. With that money, one cannot even buy a loaf of bread, today. But way back, this was enough to print the first edition: a print run of 80 copies. Today, The Hindu's circulation is touching a million. Two principles have characterized this newspaper all along - justice and fair play. But generally speaking, all that has been given the go by in most parts of the world, including by newspapers that once used to command respect. As in sports, money is responsible for this unwanted and unbecoming change. If you ask any Editor of today, he would say, "Look, righteousness is no longer readable." In fact, Sri V.K.Narasimhan often used to play with the words "readable righteousness" and "making righteousness readable".

Mercifully, we are not bothered by all that for the simple reason: we are not tied to money. Our job is not to generate money, achieve publicity and goals akin. All we seek to do is to spread Ananda. With Swami's blessings and guidance, that is easy and such an enjoyable pursuit too. So we are at it all the time, and do not bother about vacation, rest, and things like that. Swami often says, "Change of work is rest for Me!" His constant example is what drives the adrenalin in all of us.

The wonderful response we have been getting from all over is a clear signal that there is in fact a tremendous hunger for righteous news. It is proof enough that people do want to hear about good and noble things. To declare that people are no longer interested in that kind of stuff is sheer sham.

So thanks again and keep up the support, helping us to serve you better!

God bless; Jai Sai Ram.

SGH Team.


Volume 01: PDS / 03 Date : OCT 01 2003