Temple of Healing
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People Who Make the Difference

Can We Help YouThe scarf on the neck and "Sai Ram" on the lips, are their hallmark. Every fortnight they come, from states all over the country, to render a period of relentless service in the holy hospital. They are the Seva Dal force- the people who make the difference, in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences.

You can find them almost everywhere in the Hospital. As a patient enters the Hospital, the Seva Dal volunteers greet him at the gates and guide the patient to the Department he wishes to go to. Their kind words and caring demeanor, restore the patient's spirit, right away. For the feeble and ailing, the volunteers are ready with wheelchairs.

At the Registration CounterAt the registration counter, the multilingual volunteers serve as translators. They take the utmost care of the patient's security and comfort. Infants, the old, and the very sick, are attended to immediately, thanks to the efficient triaging done by the volunteers. The volunteers are a big support to the OPD staff and doctors, as it is they who regulate and control patient flow into the consultation rooms. Some skilled Seva Dal volunteers even actively participate in direct patient care.

Order in the OPDThe volunteers are the 'messengers' and 'couriers' who ply between departments. They bring in the essential surgical and medical supplies. They transfer samples between various laboratories. Some of them support nurses in escorting patients to the various departments; others assist in arranging patient files and ordering medical records. No matter what the job is, the volunteers execute it with an effective enthusiasm and efficiency.

In the Department of Dietetics, the volunteers help the dietitians in every step of preparing food for the patients. At mealtime, they take the food in to the ward, personally serve it to every patient there, and ensure that all patients have had their fill. It's only after completing the task, that they go and have their meal. Meanwhile, other volunteers are busy in the canteen, serving food to the staff of the hospital; taking care of the caregivers themselves.

Love in ActionFinally, they clean and spruce up the place, for the next day. They softly sing Bhajans and go about sweeping and mopping almost the entire floor area of the hospital. They wipe the windows, dust the furniture and make the place spotlessly clean.

Yes, some of these volunteers are professionals, highly qualified and immensely regarded. Yet, they have no qualms in doing any task, high or low. They take it all as a rare opportunity to serve and be a part of their Lord's grand Mission. Through this, they not only alleviate suffering, but they also experience a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment and elevate their lives to nobler heights.

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