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ConvocationUnquestionably, 22nd November when the Institute Convocation is held [without fail, one might add], is a big day for students, teachers, and also Swami. The day is marked by two important events: While in the afternoon one witnesses a solemn convocation ceremony embellished with great dignity, in the later part of the evening one has a cultural show, usually a drama enacted by students or else a musical programme offered by the students. Every year, some eminent personality is invited to be the chief guest for this event. The list of chief guests is replete with the names of Prime Ministers, Presidents and other great educationalists. For the students, it is an occasion to make a commitment and pledge to lead their lives according to the ideals taught to them by Bhagawan through the Institute. The students who have topped in their respective academic courses are awarded gold medals and certificates by Swami Himself. Every student who is blessed with this rare opportunity cherishes this moment for the rest of his/her life. In keeping with the Institute's policy of integral education, there is also an award for all round excellence in academics, sports, cultural and spiritual fields. Bhagawan himself decides who the recipient of this rare blessing shall be. To top it all, Bhagawan gives a Divine Benedictory message to the graduating students, which places before them the noble and ideal path that they ought to follow henceforth.

The PlayIf the main proceedings are marked by seriousness, the cultural programme is when everyone relaxes. Yet, there is a purpose behind the programme, as it conveys, always and in highly original ways, the essence of Swami's teachings. For Swami, it is a showcase of the talents of His students. How happy He becomes when He goes up on the stage after the show is over, and later calls the boys to spend time with Him behind the stage! Fleeting the moments are for the students, but the taste lingers for eternity! That is God, and that is how He grants experiences; short they seem but they last for ever.


Volume 01: PDS / 05 Date : NOV 01 2003