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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,

This issue is a special one in that; we feature prominently, Swami's University and the Puttaparthi Super Speciality Hospital, both of which celebrate their anniversary on 22nd November. We are featuring both these in the current issue, because we are reserving the 15th November issue for a Birthday Special. For the next two issues, the regular features will not appear in the journal for this reason.

Right from the beginning, Baba was dissatisfied with the present educational system. While in the early years He might have given the impression of being preoccupied with rituals, festivals, Vedic learning and the like, He certainly had, even then, a Master Plan for value-based education.

We now bring you through words and pictures, the story of Baba's contribution to the world of Education. We hope you like what we have put together. There is no doubt a lot of material to keep you busy. But behind all that, there are a few things we would like you to see. The first is the fact that Swami's University is a unique example of how tradition can be seamlessly blended with modernity. It is in fact a modern Gurukulam, with Swami, of course, being the Guru. By granting intimacy in various ways, Swami quietly moulds the character of students [as the Gurus of old did], which is actually the main purpose of the Institute founded by Him. The next is that in keeping with ancient tradition, education is offered free. The third is that all aspects of human personality are catered for. Thus, students are helped and encouraged to keep their body healthy, to sharpen their minds and keep it clean, and to develop purity of Heart. This is what is commonly referred to as Integral Education, something that is absolutely rare in this day and age.

The human being is a powerhouse of energy, the energy of the body and of the Mind. This power does not come from nowhere; it has a Source for sure and that Source is the Heart, the seat of God. Today, in the outside world, this energy of youth is not channelled properly. Parents have no time for this, while educational establishments could not care less. In fact, one leading educationist has gone to the extent of declaring that most universities produce merely clever devils. A leading American scientist adds, "Knowledge without compassion is inhuman." In Swami's Institute, Divine Energy latent in students is aligned to the Source [read Swami], so as to be in harmony with It. If the Institute is synonymous with Knowledge, the Hospital is the Source of Compassion. It is our privilege to feature these two together. If you keep in Mind all that has been said above, you will see how strikingly different Bhagavan's Institute is, and of course also the Hospital, where so many old students of Swami are serving.

We hope we have helped you in seeing all these subtle nuances through this special issue, lovingly offered at the Lotus Feet, and in celebration of two glorious creations by the Lord.

Please do write and tell us what you think of this special issue. God Bless. Jai Sai Ram.

SGH Team.


Volume 01: PDS / 05 Date : NOV 01 2003