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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,

Sai Ram, and a very special greeting to each and everyone of you in the Radio Sai Club. Our job is to spread Ananda, and we have some real GOOD NEWS for you. Very shortly, for your listening pleasure, we would be bringing you the proceedings of the Birthday festivities, especially those on 22nd November and 23rd November, within a few hours of those momentous happenings. Just imagine, within a few hours, devotees everywhere, from California to Fiji, would be able to hear the Golden Voice of our Beloved Swami, giving His benedictory Message on the occasion of the Institute Convocation and also His Birthday Message - mind you, not a print version but the actual voice, yes, our Beloved Master's Voice! All this would come to you via the Worldspace services on the one hand and Internet streaming on the other. No one anywhere would be left out!

And to put you in the Birthday mood we offer this special issue, a Birthday gift shall we say? A tremendous amount of effort has gone into producing this special and we would just love to hear from you what you think. So please, why don't you a take a few moments off and give us your valuable feedback?

Like the previous issue, even in this issue we have dispensed with regular features. They will come back to you next fortnight.

It is always such a pleasure to serve you all, and we express our gratitude to Bhagavan for giving this opportunity. God Bless. Jai Sai Ram.

SGH Team.


Volume 01: PDS / 06 Date : NOV 15 2003