Sathya Sai Speaks
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Man has no doubt mastered many ways of accumulating wealth and amassing fortune; yet happiness eludes him. Why? Because his conduct is not proper. For good conduct, virtues are most essential. A virtuous person can accomplish anything. A son lacking in virtues and a life without a meaningful goal are of no value. Without virtues, life ceases to have any meaning. Good conduct should be the real basis for life. However, modern man is totally lacking in character and virtues. No wonder both peace and happiness elude him. Because of man's misconduct and immoral behaviour, there is pollution everywhere - in air, water, land and food. All the five elements have been severely contaminated, consequent to man's unbecoming behaviour. If man behaves properly, is pollution of the elements conceivable? It is all due to the extensive prevalence of immoral feelings and improper behaviour. It is the sharp decline of values like Love, Compassion, and Forbearance that is directly responsible for the widespread pollution that one sees today.

 SATHYA SAI SPEAKSIf you fill a coloured bottle with the water of Ganges, it would appear coloured. If the bottle is red, the water would seem red while if the bottle is blue the water too would appear blue. Where does the colour come from? From the water or the bottle? Ganges water is intrinsically pure; the colour is therefore due to the bottle holding the water. The human being is like a bottle. If evil thoughts dominate, the body indulges in bad actions; if good thoughts prevail, the body performs good actions. The body is not responsible for the actions; the thoughts that propel the body are. Bad feelings, bad thoughts and bad company provide the stimulus for bad actions.

If you constantly chant the name of God, the polluted atmosphere would automatically get purified. The Divine vibrations originating from the chant of the Divine Name mix with the atmosphere and spread everywhere, indeed throughout the world.

Give up bad company and join good company. Do good day in and day out. This is the way to sanctify human life. Although numerous opportunities exist for following the correct path, people miss them all and instead waste their time. People seem to revel in seeking bad company, even if they have to pay for it. Why do you have to go in search of bad thoughts and company? Instead, why don't you receive the good that is offered to you free and at no charge? It is a grave mistake to reject the good and accept only the bad.

Man is made up of the five elements, everyone of which is Divine in origin. They are all intrinsically sacred. If they are polluted today, man alone is responsible for that.

Enquire deeply into the meaning of five elements, and realize that you yourself are made up of them. Make every possible effort to venerate and revere the elements in a suitable manner. Your breath must always resonate to the chant of God's name. Always be singing His Glory.


Volume 01: PDS / 08 Date : DEC 15 2003