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On Your Birthday…I Got a Gift from you...Such was your love!!

It was your birthday…
I wanted to give you something…
You told me you didn't want anything…,
I insisted again...and….

You told me to get Sathya for you,
I stepped out to search but didn't find Sathya,
I was excited, what next would I have to find?
I came back to you, you smiled.

You told me to search for Dharma,
I asked many people, everyone kept quiet,
I came back to you and you teased me…,
"What boy, you cant even get me this much?"

Next you told me to go bring Shanti for you,
The whole world was in chaos,
Where could I find Shanti?,
I came back and said "I failed Swaami".

Lastly you told me to find Prema,
I was tired, tears started running down my eyes,
I said "I know I will fail…"
I cried my heart out because I could give you nothing.

Then you came near me…

"What did I ask you first?"
"Sathya" I replied in tears,
"What was I called earlier,
I exclaimed "Sathya!!"

"What was next I asked?"
"Dharma" I said wiping my tears away,
"Who was I in the Raamayan?",
In excitement I said "Raama and Dharma!!".

"And then I asked for…"
Confidently I replied "Shaanti"
"Who was I in the Mahabharata?",
I was in joy….."Krishna and Shanti",

"Finally…I asked you for…",
"Prema" zoomed my reply,
"I always address all of you as what?"
"Prema swarupulaara!!"…I exclaimed.

You wiped my tears, and said,
"I asked you for a simple thing,
you searched the world for them,
but not once did you try looking at me".

I smiled and with a content heart,
I fell at your feet and said,
"Happy Birthday and thanks for your gift!"

I dedicate this poem to Swaami and wish him a Happy Birthday!!

By: Bharath Gudep
Country: Canada
Occupation: Undergraduate Student.


Volume 01: PDS / 08 Date : DEC 15 2003