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Dear Reader,

Sai Ram and a Happy New Year to you! We don't know how you feel, but the year that has just ended has been a fruitful one for us here in Radio Sai in many different ways. For one thing, we have the blessing of spreading Love and Ananda via this electronic magazine, which appears to have touched many Hearts all over the Globe. During the recent Birthday Celebrations when Office Bearers of the Sai Organisation from different parts of the world gathered for their deliberations, many took time off not only to visit our Studio but also to see the Heart to Heart magazine. They were quite pleased, which was most gratifying to us, naturally. What is more important, all of them promised to tell as many people back home as possible about H2H so that the message spreads. Meanwhile, many overseas groups have graciously sent several back issues of the Sai Bulletins, Newsletter or whatever they are publishing so that we could publish extracts. We are very grateful to all of these publishers. It was also very nice to see our material being used by others! So, the loop is certainly beginning to close!

When we started the H2H operations about three months ago, many cautioned us: "You know this sort of thing is very difficult to keep up!" We knew that but yet went ahead in the belief that if we take one step Swami would take care of the rest - and that sure has happened for we by ourselves just could not have produced the eight issues that have come out as a part of Volume 1.

It is not just H2H. In many other dimensions we are moving far ahead of what we could have dreamt of. Our Web Radio service is being heard everywhere, particularly in regions that are in the shadow of the WorldSpace satellites that are the main stay of our broadcasting service. Moreover, we did a trial video streaming to the U.S at the time of Birthday, and this too was very successful, thanks of course to Baba's Grace. This has given us the confidence to plan a number of nice and wonderful things but for the moment we shall not say more because one day we want to surprise you!

Before we sign off, we must thank each and every one of you who responded so generously to our magazine in so many different ways. That tonic put a lot of pep into us and made us strive to keep on doing better and better all the time.

Thank you, and all the best once again in the New Year. Jai Sai Ram.



Volume - 2 Issue - 1 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004