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 RECIEVING HIS LOVETo commemorate the 78th Birthday of our Beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the teachers and students of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur Campus, organised a social service project in which 78 physically challenged persons were selected from various villages in the mandals of Anantapur District such as Anantapur, Dharmavaram, Hindupur, Pamidi, Kothacheruvu, Madakasira, Kadiri, and Bommanahal, to be the recipients of tricycles, crutches, callipers, artificial limbs, wheel chairs, walking sticks, etc.

With the permission of Bhagawan, the beneficiaries were called to Prashanti Nilayam where they had the good fortune of receiving these different props from the Divine Hands of Beloved Bhagawan Himself.

As 12th November, 2003, (the date fixed by Bhagawan for the distribution ceremony) happened to be  INSTILLING COURAGEBhagawan's Birthday according to the Indian Calender (Bahula Tadiya Karthika Maasam), the function at the Sai Kulwant Hall began with Bhagawan lighting the Lamp, and then cutting the Birthday Cake. Beloved Bhagawan, the Compassionate Lord, blessed each and every patient. It was a moving sight as each one of them came forward, assisted by one of the teachers, and received a pair of new clothes from the Divine Hands of Bhagawan.

After the formalities were completed, Bhagawan graciously sat for a time and listened to some songs sung by the girls of the Anantapur Campus.

Throughout the function, Bhagawan's Love seemed to flow to the handicapped patients. He called Prof. Jayalakshmi Gopinath, Warden and Head of the Dept. of English, and asked her to speak to them. When she started to speak in English, Bhagawan turned towards her, and said that she should speak in Telugu so that they would understand what she spoke. Prof. Gopinath reminded the beneficiaries of their great good fortune in being the recipients of Divine Grace, and advised them not to disregard the value of what they  Mrs JAYAMMA ADRESSES THE BENEFICIARIEShad received.

To the surprise and delight of all the people gathered in the hall, Bhagawan expressed a desire to speak, too! Bhagawan spoke for nearly twenty minutes, without any translation! Bhagawan's loving and soothing words to the  POURING FORTH HIS LOVEhandicapped were like balm to a depressed heart. They brought tears to the eyes of all who were present there. Bhagawan comforted the patients by saying that they should not feel unhappy because they are deprived of the full and proper use of their limbs. Those who have all their limbs intact do not use their body for the good of others, nor for the service of others, Bhagawan said. He exhorted the handicapped patients to develop confidence, and to work with such commitment that they put to shame the full-bodied. Bhagawan promised them every possible help, and asked them not to hesitate in expressing any of their problems to Him. Bhagawan said that if any of them were interested in further studies, He would provide them  MOVE AHEAD WITH CONFIDENCEadmission in one of His institutions. He asked them to give courage to their depressed parents who were already grieved that they had children with handicaps. Bhagawan advised the Anantapur teachers not to leave the good work they were doing at this point, but to follow up on the steps they had already taken. He asked them to keep in touch with the beneficiaries and see to it that any repairs to the equipment or any help that was needed was given to the needy from time to time. Bhagawan said that it is the duty of the educated to serve the society, and not lead selfish lives. Bhagawan graciously promised Rs. 10 lakhs for this service project.

After the mangal arati, Bhagawan announced that all the patients should go to the Canteen and, after a sumptuous meal, happily return to their hometowns. He once again blessed everyone with abhayahasta.


Volume - 2 Issue - 1 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004