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Dear Reader,

Sai Ram and Greetings from Prashanti Nilayam. First of all, we must thank you from the bottom of our Hearts, not only for the wonderful and most encouraging mails that we keep on receiving, in larger numbers we must say, but also for various other expressions of love and encouragement. Lately, not a day passes without some listener or the other dropping in to say thanks, give a gift, have a chat, or offer suggestions. This is simply overwhelming. We have people visiting us from America, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia, to name just a few countries. Recently, a devotee listener from America left behind a box of chocolates! No doubt some of our younger members do confess to having a sweet tooth as they say, but what really touches us immensely is the love that is shown to us. So many people are offering to help us in so many different ways, and what can be more satisfying than that? It is as if Swami Himself is coming over here to say, "Keep it up boys, but don't forget to do better!" Yes, for us, everyday's best has to bettered on the following day. And what is nice is that more and more people are now beginning to talk of, "Our Radio Sai". For us, that is the ultimate tribute. If you recall, in one of our earliest issues we talked about e-satsangh. Frankly, we did not think it would come true so fast. By the way, this news might interest you.

Many devotees told us and also wrote to us: "For heaven's sake, why don't you also print HEART TO HEART? Not all of us can download easily, and we would like hard copies." We were wondering what to do about it, because we certainly do not have either the time or the resources to get into the printing business. But you know what? Swami has set that up for us! A devotee has come forward to print a limited number of copies, and if all goes well, INSAHALLAH as they say, these copies may even soon become available in the book stores in Prashanti Nilayam and Brindavan!

Now on to an important article in this issue. It is about Swami's Super Speciality Hospital in Whitefield Bangalore. They say that the Taj Mahal is a temple of love. May be architecturally, but the Whitefield Hospital is the true Temple of Love. Along with its sister hospital in Puttaparthi, it is not only a Temple of Love but also of Healing. The Taj, beautiful though it is, is but a tomb but this Temple is all about life and living. When you go though the feature story here, do not just glance at the pictures but reflect deeply on what it all means.

The other day, I heard a leading TV personality say in a talk-show in America, "You know, I always tell myself: 'The world is so full of suffering. What can I do to make at least a bit of one day in the life of one such suffering person that would make that person forget suffering and experience joy, even if it be for a short while? I have received so much form so many. What am I giving back, if at all?" This is the sort of question we all ought to be asking ourselves all the time, if we claim we are really Swami's devotees.

Swami built a temple with brick and mortar in Whitefield. But all of us also are temples built by that same God, cell by cell. And all of us can be become [moving] Temples of Love and Compassion, if only we choose to. But are we considering that option? Think about it!

God bless and Jai Sai Ram.


Volume - 2 Issue -2 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004