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Ameer Jaan, a 51-year-old man came to this hospital with a complex heart ailment. He had a damaged aortic valve along with blocked coronary arteries. He was successfully operated and he went back happy and satisfied with the care given to him by the medical team. The entire episode has its significance.

Ameer Jaan, a small electrical shop owner, is the only breadwinner of a big family of five members. Struck by a complex heart ailment, he was unable to work. The family faced a financial crunch.

He initially went to a local doctor who kept giving him medicines for his ailment, assuring him of a complete cure. Each visit cost him a good sum of money. But, he didn't get any relief. He was totally drained, financially and emotionally. A ray of hope appeared in the form of a distant relative, who told him about the free hospital run by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He was skeptical. He wondered how a hospital could run without charging patients in these times. Is the care provided up to the mark? Is there any hidden motive? He decided to give it a try.

He said his first visit was memorable. His registration and laboratory tests were totally hassle-free. He was taken care with so much love and compassion that he was amazed and he wondered if such care was given in any of the elite hospitals of the city? Moreover, not a single penny was asked from him. He was admitted in the hospital and thoroughly investigated.

After a battery of tests by the cardiologists, he was diagnosed as having calcific aortic stenosis with coronary Artery disease - a malady, that had reduced the size of his aortic valve and also blocked the major coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart. Given his condition, surgery was the only answer. The aortic valve needed to be replaced by a prosthetic valve made out of metal, which is imported from the USA. He also needed to undergo Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting [CABG] for his blocked coronary vessels.

Ameer Jaan was successfully operated by a team of doctors of the cardiac surgery department. The entire procedure was performed after putting the patient on cardiopulmonary bypass using the heart lung machine and after a cardioplegic arrest of the heart. Apart from replacing his damaged aortic valve with a prosthetic heart valve, three bypasses were constructed on his heart. He was kept in the intensive care unit for 48 hours and transferred to a ward. He went home on the eighth day fully satisfied and happy.

This operation would have cost him more than Rs 125,000 [2,700 US dollars] anywhere else. It would have been impossible for a man like him to meet the cost. He would have had to sell his shop or property. But then, what after that?

The small ray of hope that appeared for Ameer Jaan one day has given him and his family a new lease on life. One among the millions of human beings blessed by Baba.

Dr S P Manoj Kumar MS, Mch
Department of Cardio-thoracic Vascular Surgery.
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore


Volume - 2 Issue - 2 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004