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Gratitude and Appreciation
A letter to the Hospital Administrator

Prithvi Pani
The author
underwent treatment at the hospital

I deem it a pleasure in writing this letter, in grateful acknowledgment of all the medical services rendered to me during my stay at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore, from July 25th to August 2nd 2001 during which I had undergone neuro surgery for the removal of a tumour [pituitary adenoma].

My nine days stay at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences was a divine holiday. In fact I never had the feeling that I was a patient. In a surgery it is fear that haunts you more than the diseases. But here I must admit that from the time of my admission the fear had gone and a subtle peace of mind transcended on me. This state of mind is to be experienced to be believed.

Although I have profound faith in God, the moment I entered this divine medical centre, I began to admire Baba for his selfless service to mankind, through his philosophy of' Love all, Serve all'. Every person admitted to this Institute, however poor or rich, is taken care of without any discrimination.

The medical service is supreme. A missionary zeal can be seen in every individual serving this Institute and this clearly shows the greatness of this Divine soul, Sri Sathya Sai Baba who infuses such dynamism into every person serving here.

In today's medical profession it is rare to come across a noble soul like Dr A S Hegde, who is the Head of the Department Neuro Sciences here. Dr Hegde and his team are rendering yeoman service to the cause of neuro patients who come here from all parts of the country.

In my short association with Dr Hegde, I have found him to be a person of great humanity, patience and one who induces confidence in his patients. He is also a very popular and greatly sought after neuro-surgeon. May God bless him and his family. May he also train more such good surgeons, who will be proud to say they were associated with Dr Hegde.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to interact with most of the patients
and their attendants, in my ward. I noticed that they were from different
religious backgrounds. Without any exception, all of them agreed, that this
place was a Temple of Medication.

My family and I will always be indebted to this Institute.
With deep gratitude and warm regards.


Volume - 2 Issue - 2 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004