Sathya Sai Speaks
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 Picture1Trees produce fruits for the enjoyment of others. Rivers carry water to meet the needs of others. Similarly, cows offer their milk to humans. However, man, forgetting that he has been endowed with a body for rendering help to others, is immersed in selfish concerns and the pursuit of narrow ends. He does not exhibit even a thousandth part of the spirit of selfless help to others shown by the trees, rivers or cows.
From sunrise to sunset man today is steeped in selfish pursuits, and the problems of humanity stem from this selfishness. Man does not even live like a human. It is only when man becomes truly human, that he can experience the Divine. What you think exists is, truly speaking, not real. What you think does not exist, is the Reality. God is the only Reality and there is nothing in the world not pervaded by God. God is immanent in the entire Cosmos. The Universe does not exist apart from God.
In every object (padaartham) there is a Divine element (paraartham). Without this Divine basis, nothing can exist. In this Universe, there is no material object without a Divine basis, no living thing without the vital force and no inert substance without Consciousness.
It is usually supposed that the natural sciences are concerned only with matter, while metaphysics is concerned with things Spiritual. But the physical and the metaphysical are inextricably related to each other. The uniqueness of the Upanishads lies in proclaiming this basic unity. Many imagine that there is no connection between the physical world and the realm of the Spirit. This is a grievous mistake. The Divine is the base and the physical world is sustained by it. Thus, the Cosmos is the synthesis of these two, Spirit and matter.
To ignore the physical Universe and remain preoccupied with the Spirit is a form of narrow-mindedness. You have to develop the conviction that the Divine and the Universe are intimately interrelated. If the phenomenal world does not exist, one cannot understand anything nor cognize the Truth. The Universe is what helps in distinguishing the Real from the unreal. It is impossible to accomplish anything, if the world is discarded. Basing yourself on the physical world, you have to aspire for realizing the Divine. If you want to realize the Divinity in man, you have to first understand the nature of the human state.
The true goal of human life is to discover the cosmic unity of Consciousness and matter. The best way to achieve this is to lead a life of righteousness and to share the fruits of such a life with others. One's true goal should not change with time; moreover, one should pursue the goal with firm resolve. A righteous life develops Inner Vision, allowing one to perceive Unity in diversity.
In this Kali age, owing to the various perverse influences present, people are prone to ignore the prompting of Inner Conscience and act in response to external impressions. This is not correct. They must instead develop Inner Vision to achieve a balanced attitude to the world as merely perceived through the senses and the world as it really is, that is, as the ephemeral superstructure resting on the Eternal Divine Principle. One must learn to function in the world and yet not get bound by it - that is the meaning of balance.


Volume - 2 Issue - 2 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004