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"Is This For Me??"

 Sai"When I am with a child, I am a child. . ." How delightfully true! In 1978 a large group of children from a center in England visited Brindavan, taking with them seven sacks of 'presents' for Swami (to be given to the needy.) And what a collection it was! Apart from all the garments, the children had given the things they liked best - teddy bears, toy trains, cars, toys, even clothes-pegs, and a packet of Weetabix breakfast cereal!

And is this for me, too? Swami kept saying in wonder, as he took out, examined, and played with each item to the children's delight.

Then he took them to see His little animal friends in the Brindavan garden, sitting a small rabbit on his crown of hair for their amusement; and then on to fondle the calves, for at that time the Gokulam was situated behind the former residence. (Meantime several important personages who had come to see Him were forced to curb their impatience!)

The first night the children were far too excited to sleep, so Baba visited their quarters and asked them if they would go to sleep if He went to sleep? There was a chorus of assent. So the Avatar lay down on the floor, pretending to sleep, till all were in blissful slumber, when He was able to creep out on tiptoe.

Excerpt from Sai Humour, by Peggy Mason, pages 6-7


Volume - 2 Issue - 2 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004