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Man is the crown jewel of Creation. Among the living beings, he is the highest and the noblest. Human birth is the greatest of all and it is therefore imperative that life is lived properly.

From where does human life derive it’s sanctity and value? Is it the body or the human form that confers value to human life? No, it is not the body because that is made up merely of the perishable flesh and bones. However, this very same body is also the residence of the Atma and that is what makes human life so valuable.

Sathya Sai SpeaksDivinity manifests in the individual as three Sacred Principles: The Principle of the Atma, the Principle of the Mind, and the Principle of the Word. Maheswara, Vishnu and Brahma are associated with these three interrelated Principles. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara have no specific form but manifest in the individual as the three Principles mentioned.

In the individual, Absolute Consciousness or the Atma functions as the Conscience; its residence is the Heart. From the Atma, is born the Mind, which has cognitive power. It is the Mind that enables us to cognize both the outside world as well as the world within. The Mind in turn is the fountainhead of word and speech.

In short, man is three Divine Principles all rolled into one. That is, he is a composite of the Heart, the Mind and the body; and Ishwara, Vishnu and Brahma provide the subtle basis for these three aspects of man.

Man is misusing the Divine Power latent in him. Though gifted with a pristine Heart, like a fool he is behaving as if he is heartless. Man must remember that the Heart is the very seat of God and live constantly immersed in the thought of God.

Vishnu is embodied as the Mind. The Mind is extremely powerful and the most important instrument of man. It must therefore always remain unsullied and nectarine in nature. Vishnu is ever calm and smiling. Reflecting these aspects, the Mind must be ever calm, serene and radiate joy.

Finally, man must remember that he has been blessed with the gift of speech, symbolised by Brahma. In short, man is capable of speaking, thinking and feeling. The Word represents Brahma, the Mind represents Vishnu, and the Heart represents Ishwara. Thus man himself represents the Divine Trinity.

The Heart is intrinsically pure, sacred and auspicious, and must never be allowed to become polluted. Always maintain the purity of your Heart. Don’t abuse any person, don’t criticize others and don’t accuse any one.

True Word is Brahma. Pure Mind is Vishnu, and Pure Heart is Ishwara. Recognize this truth and maintain the purity of your Heart. Be firm in the faith that a Pure Heart is Ishwara, that a Pure Mind is Vishnu, and that Pure Speech is Brahma. Rooted in this faith, make proper use of your God-given facilities. Good results would inevitably follow, and in the end you are certain to merge with the Lord. Pure Speech, Pure Mind, and Pure Heart are the true manifestations of Selfless Love.



Volume - 2 Issue - 3 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004