Tender Hearts
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What Is Real Wealth?

Once there was a rich and powerful king who wanted to invade and conquer a neighboring country. While passing over a snow-covered mountain with his army, the king met a holy man who had no clothes. The king thought the poor fellow must be cold, so he tried to give the holy man his grand and expensive cloak.

The holy man had grown wise from his many years of prayer and meditation. He said to the king, "The Lord has always taken care of my every need. Oh king. Give the cloak to someone who is poor - not to me." The holy man went on to say very sweetly to the king, "If you are so unhappy with all your riches that you must conquer another kingdom, and cause your soldiers to risk their lives, then keep the cloak. You are a poor man; you need it more than I do."

The king was wise enough to understand the teaching the holy man was giving him. The king realized how poor and empty his life was. He asked the holy man for the secret to his peace and happiness.

The holy man answered, "I am happy because I have no desires; without desires you are the master of everything."

Then and there, the king called off the war and took his army home. The citizens of his country welcomed him as a hero, for the king indeed had conquered and won a great victory. He no longer had any desires!

—Excerpted from Bal Vikas Magazine for Children 1 to 99, Italy
January/February 2004


Volume - 2 Issue - 4 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004