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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,

Sai Ram and greetings once again from Prashanti Nilayam. It is now almost six months since we started publishing H2H, and when we started, many wondered how far we would go before closing down. Some even said, “Do a monthly and not a fort-nightly, for you cannot sustain it.” Right from the start we knew we could not sustain H2H if we were the ones who were doing it, but then, is this not being done by HIM? In fact, even just a few days ago, an important person in the Organisation came to us and asked, “Can you really sustain it?” Our answer was, “No! We cannot!But HE WILL!”

Indeed it has been that way. We just took the first step, and He has been taking all the rest. So what has been done thus far and what has been achieved? We don’t know what has been achieved but we do know what we have done thus far. Basically, we have managed to reach out to more and more people across the globe, with good news that is. Slowly but surely, the word is spreading and now people have even started asking us: “Why don’t you print this? Many of us find it difficult to download on account of various practical limitations. If printed copies are available, we can keep them in the Library, and people can read them at leisure. As time passes, some of the old issues would be very valuable.”

We have taken this suggestion very seriously, and something is being worked out. When things take a concrete shape, we shall let you know the details. Meanwhile, please, would you tell as many people as you can about H2H that is, people who do not know about it yet? We would appreciate that very much.

Also, may we take this opportunity to request that you graduate from being mere passive readers to proactive readers, contributing whatever you think would fit in? For example, why don’t some of you pose Spiritual Questions? We will throw the questions open to the entire readership, and publish answers that deal in depth with the questions posed.

For a starter, here is a question:

It’s all very well Baba telling us “BE HAPPY!” How can I be happy when I’m worried, sick and just don’t know which way to turn to sort things out? Let’s get REAL!

By the way, we have not made this question up. This question was actually asked by a New Zealand devotee in the monthly SATHYA SAI BABA NEWSLETTER published by the New Zealand Sai Organisation. If you were to give a reply, what would you say? Let us know!

As always, all the best and may God be with you. Jai Sai Ram.



Volume - 2 Issue - 5 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004