Kindle Your Spirit
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There is a true story of a very touching experience. An old man collapsed on a street corner in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. and was rushed to Kings County Hospital. The nurse on duty, after some inquiry, "discovered" that a certain marine stationed in North Carolina might be the man's son. She called the officer-in-charge and requested that the marine be sent to the hospital.

Kindle Your SpiritWhen the marine arrived, she took him immediately to the bedside of the dying man and said, "Your son's here". The old man was heavily sedated, but he slowly reached out his hand. The marine grasped it gently, and held it for the next four hours. As the nurses came and went, they asked the marine to go out and relax for a while, but he didn't.

After the man died, the marine asked the nurse. "Who was that man?" "Wasn't he your father?" the nurse said. "No", said the marine, "but I saw he was dying and needed a son badly. So I stayed!"

Love and Concern have no limits; Love and Concern have no relatives; Love and Concern embrace all, and in a special way those who suffer, those who have no one to assist them, those who are abandoned, and mark my words, even those who do not deserve our love! "For if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?"


Volume - 2 Issue - 5 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004