Tender Hearts
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Dear Young readers!

You are the hope of tomorrow. There is no force greater than a young mind inspired…..It can set ablaze an entire nation, nay, the whole world ! Creative energies and talents are hidden deep inside you, unmanifest !
And there comes a moment in your life when a Spark of Divine Love finds its way into your heart…. It sets ablaze the heart !
Great poems are written, great speeches are made….
The world is taken by fire…
Just what the spark of Sri Ramakrishna did to Swami Vivekananda…
Here is a similar outpouring of great creativity, by Amrita Kaul , a student of Swami……it is a tribute to the spark that set her heart ablaze!


A shroud of silence. A single voice. An unstoppable force. A string of five words that traveled through the air yet stood still in time.

A clap of thunder. A wave of joy. A sense of responsibility and pride.


Spine-chilling isn’t it? To be personally owned by the Lord God of all. Impeccable behavior, unwavering faith and the strictest of discipline that these five words impose upon the listener, yet a feeling of gratification that nothing can possibly match and makes it all seem worthwhile.

Just Because YouHow can mere man-made words describe a feeling so divinely sublime? Mere words! So inadequate and feeble. Eighteen years of searching has proven futile, as will the remaining years of my life to find a word or a phrase that interpret the feeling of drowning in love. To be drowning and not gasping for anything more in the world, an overwhelming sense of “forever-ness”, no past, no present, no future. Have not the scholars of the universe found this word? Will anyone ever find it? Over time I have learnt to believe that this word must exist somewhere within the vastness of love. This one word must echo endlessly, yet remain unheard, and that in the final breath of life is this word of eternal bliss whispered ever so softly into our ears, for that is when the thoughts cease, and the heart beat stops and the realization of this omnipotent word is evident.

The journey never ends, yet I shall undertake it, just because of you.

Claiming me as your own is a debt that cannot be humanly repaid. But all that I shall do, shall be in your name. Yet, as fortunate and blessed as I may seem, I cannot cease to ask you for strength and faith to bravely climb life’s hill. To be Yours is a responsibility awarded to the noblest of beings, and to know that I qualify into your regiment is reason enough to believe that You shall grant me the equanimity appropriate of a Sai Soldier.

Lead me on Master, not to fight the war, but to end it. Hold my hands and channel my energies to where they are dwindling. Close my eyes and teach me to look deep beyond the surface. Give me the power to rest while in motion.

As I read these words again and again, I feel the atmosphere thicken and time curdles to a stop. I’ve been chosen to play a part. The realization is profound. My mind is racing to find THAT word, and there You stand, before my minds eye telling me to wait, I shall find what I am looking for in time, but until then, I must wait, wait, wait, wait, wait , wait…………………………..

And I will wait, JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.


Volume - 2 Issue - 6 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004