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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,

Sai Ram and greetings from Prashanti Nilayam. This issue will appear on 1st April, commonly referred to as All Fools Day. Many are the pranks performed on this day, by the clever on the gullible and the simple. But do we realise that as opposed to this once a year affair, we are in fact being taken for a ride every single day on many fronts? Indeed, often we are busy deluding ourselves, without needing anyone to fool us.

A few years ago, a fairly well-to-do devotee from the West had to suddenly come here – there were “instructions”. So he came, did what he was told to and of course received a lot of Grace. The devotee was naturally very happy about it all but the delusion virus was very much there in him. How else is one to explain a remark he made to a person here? The devotee said, “You have no idea of how many plans I had carefully made before coming here. I was planning to take a vacation, long overdue. I had made all the hotel bookings and the travel plans. This is summer and bookings are very difficult. These have to be made months in advance. Besides, I had got tickets for many shows. These tickets are very difficult to get and have to be purchased six months in advance. I had to cancel all that in order to dash here”. One no doubt sympathises with the devotee for having to sacrifice all that he had to and see his plans being overturned. But does he realise that in place of the pleasure that he was paying for to get in the shows, Bhagavan was here showering him with incomparable Divine Bliss?

One cannot find fault with the devotee. The entire ambience of today is like that. We are constantly inviting delusion and the Media is ready to supply it to us 24 hours a day, in a variety of forms. Apparently, they now have shows called Reality Shows! One wonders what that means! Be that as it may, we here in Radio Sai feel blessed that we do not have to struggle to get advertisements, worry about penetrations, bend backwards to “balance” [meaning present both good and evil, more of the latter of course], and so on.

We have a simple agenda – to spread His Message. And we are quite happy to focus entirely on that. Why? The answer is simple. Just look what the Lord says in the 18th Chapter of the Gita. He says:

He who with supreme devotion to Me spreads this gospel [His Message] amongst My devotees shall doubtless come to Me.

There is none amongst men rendering service who is dearer to Me than he; nor is there on earth more beloved by Me than he.

[18. 68, 69]

So why don’t you join us in this exciting adventure that is also a service? Want to know how to do it? First write to us your suggestions, and then we can take it further.

All the best. Jai Sai Ram.



Volume - 2 Issue - 7 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004