Tender Hearts
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The H2H Crossword # 1

Prema, Santhi, Daya, Sathya….do these words sound familiar to you? ‘Yes’, is it? O.K…then, you know these words. You know that these words refer to all good things, Love, Peace, Compassion, Truth…..And you also know that these words are not English or Greek or Latin. Yes, You guessed it right! These are all words, they say, in the language of the gods, the mother of all Indian languages – Sanskrit.

Now, here is a simple exercise for you to know how familiar to you are some of the common words in Sanskrit. Each clue below the puzzle gives hint to a common Sanskrit word to fit into the crossword jumble.

There are 20 clues in all. Does not matter, if you can decipher only a few...there are answers eslwhere in this issue, along with explanation. You are surely going to learn some good Sanskrit words today. If you can solve more than 15 of the clues, you are already good and if 10-15 is with in your reach, you know a lot but need to know more and we are there to help you.

So, go ahead, read each clue carefully and give it a try!

1 11     13       15   17
  5 12                
7       14            
9         10          


1. The wealth of the spiritual realm (7)
2. Possessiveness leading to peril (4)
3. Devotional singing in chorus (6)
4. What do you do to train your mind to concentrate? (6)
5. The sect of the mother (4)
6. Inflame the flame divine (5)
7. Formless, attributeless, the absolute (7)
8. The divine name with a vermilion mark (5)
9. The deepest of spiritual truths embodied in one alphabet (4)
10. An expression, a manifestation of divine glory and grandeur (6)


2. That veils the divine from the mortal (4)
6. One full lifetime of the many (5)
7. Not an animal, a human (4)
11. Where do spiritual aspirants converge? (6)
12. Ambrosia celestial (6)
13. Joy, bliss, peace – call it what ever u want cause u can’t measure it (6)
14. Near, not far; second, not first (3)
15. With this prefix, originated Ma cow (2)
16. Mystic formula formulated to illumine the mind (6)
17. Divine Mother (3)


Volume - 2 Issue - 7 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004