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Meditate on the SELF

Always have the meaning and purpose of life in view. And experience that purpose and that meaning. You are That; that is the truth. You and the Universal are One; you and the Absolute are One; you and the Eternal are One. You are not the Individual, the Particular, the Temporary. Feel this, know this. Act in conformity with this. Someone came to Ramanamaharshi and asked him thus, “Swaami! I have been doing intense dhyaana for the last 18 years; but I have failed to realise the Ideal on which my dhyaana is concentrated. How many more years should I continue thus?” Ramana answered, “It is not a question of a certain number of years. You have to continue dhyaana, until the awareness that you are doing dhyaana disappears.” Forget the ego. Let it melt and merge, with all its layers of consciousness.
Sathya Sai SpeaksThere are some who, while meditating, strike at the mosquitoes that pester them! No, immerse yourselves in dhyaanam until you transcend all physical and mental urges and impulses. Vaalmeeki was covered by the anthill that grew over him, people discovered him by the sound of Raama-naama that emanated from that mound. Ignore the deha (body) so that you may discover the dehi (indweller). Do not get engrossed in outer finery but delve deep and discover the inner splendour.
What does the saadhana of ignoring the body imply? It means turning aside the temptations of the senses, the overcoming of the six enemies: desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride and malice (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha and maatsarya). Anger turns a man into a drunken brute. The other impulses are equally vicious. Seek only salutary karma. Eat only saathwik food, food that will not disturb the equanimity you earn through your saadhana. Do not break the even tenor of your spiritual practice. You can be really healthy and happy, only when you are immersed in the Universal. If you are in Aathma thatwa (essential nature of the Self), you will be fresh, happy and healthy. When you separate and feel that you are in deha thatwa (principle of body), you start declining.


Volume - 2 Issue - 8 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004