Tender Hearts
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‘Find the virtue’ puzzle

Each sentence below conceals with in itself a virtue like love, sincerity, sacrifice, etc. which is spelt out in consecutive letters in the sentence.

For example, in the sentence -
Of your benevolence and blessings, let me have my fill, O venerable one! (4)

As you can see, ‘love’ is there but hidden. All the 14 sentences below similarly have noble virtues hidden in them in two or more words, and all you have to do is search these noble values out. The number of letters in the word are indicated next to the sentence.
Try this out and you will know how spiritual and how smart you are.

‘Find the virtue’ puzzle

1. Like the compass, I only look towards one direction, that is, God. (10)

2. After arathi, as Baba rose up from the sofa, I thankfully bowed in reverence. (5)

3. Isn’t it insane and inhuman to exploit ruthlessly a fellow human being? (5)

4. My friend’s hippie attitude is OK as long as he is kind and loving. (10)

5. Listening on the tape ace singer Ravi’s devotional melodies, I lost myself. (5)

6. One particular bhajan of Ganesha rings in my ears all the time. (8)

7. Mr. Chari typifies an affluent person dedicated to the Lord’s work forsaking all riches. (7)

8. All vices are perilous, there is no greater or lesser vice. (7)

9. Talking sweetly and not placing the phone stylishly is phone etiquette. (7)

10. Mr. Alfred Tole ran ceaselessly 10 miles celebrating his orphanage’s tenth anniversary. (9)

11. The disciple’s implicit yes to whatever the master said, pleased the master. (10)

12. The signs could change in our zodiac, our agenda to experience God, however, will never change. (7)


Volume - 2 Issue - 8 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004