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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,

Sai Ram and greetings from Prashanti Nilayam. Swami has left for Brindavan, and it is now the turn of Prashanti Nilayam to wear a rather deserted look. But Prashanti Nilayam was very lucky this year because we had a fabulously wonderful March with Swami staying back, most unusually. It was getting hot but every afternoon we were treated to wonderful programmes by students, all the way from the Primary School to the Post-graduate level. And what a variety it was, and how wonderfully and in simple language they conveyed Universal Truths! One surprising item was on Moharrum day when the boys chanted the Koran and then followed it up with meaning in Sanskrit! This was just unbelievable. The boys had learnt the chant from the Mullah in Puttaparthi – by the way, we suppose that you are aware that the Mosque here was gifted by Baba many decades ago, to help the local Muslims and save them to long trek to the Bukkapatnam Mosque, the only one in the region then.

Recently, we had a REFLECTION article that dealt with the story of how UNESCO withdrew its Media Advisory on Swami after a strong representation by the Government of India. Little did we know that the matter would not end there. The people given to slander - and it is just a handful of them - appeared to have read the H2H article, and promptly dashed off an angry letter to UNESCO officials protesting the withdrawal and making all kinds of demands including reinstatement. We cannot go into all that they said but may be we can mention just one point. They say [in part], “A number of Vice Chancellors (e.g., University of Flinders and University of Adelaide) and other major institutional heads having given credence to the Media Advisory concerning Sathya Sai Baba …..” The rest of the sentence is not really relevant at this juncture because it merely says that it was on the basis of this support that the UNESCO issued the Advisory.

Two Vice Chancellors are referred to. Did they ever visit Prashantinilayam and see for themselves in person and in depth what is going on, before associating themselves with the sponsors of the negative propaganda? One wonders. As against this, about THIRTY Vice Chancellors from various Universities in India actually met here recently to deliberate on Value Based Education. The meeting was presided over by the Chairman of the University Grants Commission and one of the attendees was Mr. Ranganth Mishra, former Chief Justice of India, and also former Head of the Human Rights Commission in India. [The former Chief Justice has been active in promoting values in education, and that was why he was here.] The meeting lasted three days, and the delegates had plenty of opportunity to meet faculty and students – in fact, all the hospitality work was managed entirely by our students. Then again, a few years ago, the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Human Resource Development came here as a part of its study on educational institutions committed to the promotion of character and values, and in fact in the final report submitted by the Committee [and accepted by the Government, incidentally] they made the Institute’s core values as the central point of their recommendations. Later, the Supreme Court, in a verdict given in a Public Interest Litigation, had the occasion to strongly endorse this view. We also can mention names, and many of them too [we shall not list all but only a few]. Professor David Gries, Professor of Computer Science in Cornell [a Ivy League university as they say in America] has been coming here regularly for over a decade to teach our students. Professor George Ordal, Professor of Bio Chemistry in the University of Illinois too has been coming here regularly. Every December will see him here teaching for nearly a month and some of you may remember we have broadcast a radio interview with him once. Then there is Dr. Samuel Sandweiss of the University of California, San Diego Campus, who has been coming for over thirty years, yes thirty years. Dear Reader, are all these people gullible and being taken for a ride?

What about Justice Bhagavathi, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, later Chairman of the Human Rights Commission and Member of the UN Human Rights Commission. Justice Bhagavathi is, as many know, also a Member of the Central Trust. He has been coming for over thirty years; has he been fooled all along? There is no need to belabour the point but we might mention that the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee has been coming to Swami since 1977, when he first came for delivering lectures in the Summer School. We have pictures taken on that occasion. (See Down memory Lane). Since then he has come many, many times, the latest being 14th April, 2004, just very recently. Surely he is not being taken for a ride?

There is much that we can say but there really is no need to. Those who want to firmly adhere to the negative will go on doing so; that is their fate and we can only pray that instead of maligning they devote themselves to service as our students, for example, are doing. By the way, we hope you have read the article on student service in Kovalaguttapalli – how inspiring that is! That is the transformation that studying in Swami’s college brings about it, and just think of how many thousands of students have studied here.

People said the earth was flat but today who believes that? People said that it is the Sun that goes round the earth but today who believes that? Truth will always prevail, that is its power; be assured of that.


Between You and Us

Dear Readers,

We would like to inform you that the feature ‘GETTING SPIRITUALLY BETTER’ shall be discontinued temporarily for the next few issues. We are working on more topics and shall restart it once the material is ready. We are extremely grateful to you for the deep appreciation that you have shown for this feature over the last eight months.

H2H team


Volume - 2 Issue - 9 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004